BitterSweet Saturday

For Six Word Saturday and Friday Flash 55

Today, I hugged my children tighter;
Today, I held on a little longer;
And, yes, I yelled little lesser;
Was patient a while longer.
Even as my children wonder why
mommy smiled, kissed, hugged some more,
I pray for the innocence lost,
I pray that I will be
Many tomorrows as I was today

NaBloPoMo’s work related prompt for Friday was as below. Since I did not get around to doing the prompt yesterday, I thought I will do it today instead.

Do you think you’re yourself at work, or do you think your co-workers don’t
know the “real” you?

I am myself almost everywhere, not
just at work. It is easier for me that way – just like it is easier to tell the
truth, no matter how silly or bad it might be – because it is easier to
remember the truth than to remember the lies told. The same thing applies to me
in who I am. It is easier to be the real me than a pretend meJ.

Again, I am a little malleable when
it comes to who I am – it depends on who I am with also. But more than actually
being a different person, I tend to show some aspects of my personality more
stronger based on whom I interact with. At work, now, after so many years in
the same place, I have made many friends and over time, all these aspects have
revealed themselves to people in knowing the full me, but always the real me.

For Quote It
over at Freda’s:
“I will continue my path, but I will keep a memory always.”

Rosie Thomas,

Iris And Ruby 

For Saturday Snapshot 

This is a photo of corn husk dolls we made when we visited the Children’s Discovery Museum in downtown San Jose – this is from a December four years ago!

For Saturday Snapshot and Round Robin Challenge

Caught my little girl in action at her swimming lessons this Saturday.

And, last but not least, I would like to thank AJ from One Part Joy, One Part Circus for the Liebster award she gave me, I was hoping to post and forward the bloggy love by today but could not get around to it. Thank you, AJ, and I will have my post up for this soon (within the next three days!).

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