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For Sunday
(eventful), One
Single Impression
(insecure), Sunday Whirl (word whirly below), Succinctly Yours (image of snow family and word is undeniable- this one has exactly 140 words), dVerse Poets Pub (the prompt is ‘sweat the small stuff – the details’ – I tried to get some details in here), Magpie Tales: (photo of the road), also have a photo I took last December on our trip to Death Valley (of the lone snowman wishing us a Merry Christmas) – For all these Sunday memes today, I have – ‘The Lost Families’

The Lost Families
We traveled down a lovely, lonely street
Little lost, GPS on the fritz
Visibility low, irritations grow
An uneventful day,  as in the car had to
Listen, heard a sigh, a little shy
Below the blast of the heater,
Below the back seat video game clicks
Halted, looked,
Over the tops of the itchy rushes
 unfolded a wonderful scene
A bed of milky, glassy snow – a family
Papa and mama held aloft a little one
As they searched high and low
Found instead – us.
A little insecure, they told their tragic tale
Of young Snowman lost in the vale
Hey, is this he, we asked
Showed the photo taken at our earlier breakfast haunt
Yay! He is found.
We would have offered a ride
But the toasty interiors – it was undeniable,
Would melt those sweethearts, instead
said goodbye.

NOTE: I realized after this whole effort that I read the word ‘slicks’ in the whirly as ‘clicks’ and that is what I used in the poem, Oh well!! clicks it is for my whirly dozen

36 thoughts on “Simply Sunday – Simply Memes

  1. A great lot for the buck here, Lady R.
    The snowman part was wonderful, 'lost in the vale.'

    When I read the beginning part it reminded me of the "Life In The Fast Lane" song by the EAGLES: 'He was a hard-headed man He was brutally … They had one thing in common, they were good in bed…'

    As usual, I'm on both blogs this week,
    Jim's Little Blog (undeniable snowmen) and
    Jim's Little Photo Place (insecure/OSI).

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