Blogging Goals Revisited, Renewed, Repurposed

What is your biggest blogging goal? I would love to know – please do let me know in the comments

Consistency has been a thing I kept striving for in the past but life happens so without beating myself about it, I have decided to revisit my goals from the past and look into the future for what I really want to do with blogging now.  Monetization – when it happens – will be cool! But until then, these are my first set of three goals, for the new beginning (some are more like tips for blogging better but goals for me!) for now; and once these are a habit or accomplished, will add more goals to the list

  1. Make writing a priority: Currently, you see my posts are making it at the very end of the day, that needs to change, pronto! So while that does not mean that I am going to post day 4’s post right after this one, it does mean I will work on my next post early in the day. Consistency is key – so write consistently.
  2. Work on scheduling posts: Have at least 20 posts scheduled over the next month.For blogging ideas, use what has helped me in the past – forgotten reading challenges, memes, book reviews, product reviews, lists like 52 things in 52 weeks  – and get those items accomplished in the process.
  3. Guest Posting: Guest post on another blog and have a guest post on mine.

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