Book Review: The Little Bookshop of Love Stories

The Little Bookshop of Love Stories made me ask myself. Would I love to win a bookshop?? Yes!! Of course. But for now, I am enjoying reading about someone winning one!

Ask any book lover their opinion about books featuring books (in any way or form); and the answer will be a resounding ‘I LOVE such books!!!!’ And yes, with as many exclamation marks I have put there(maybe more). If they are having an actual conversation, you can see those exclamation marks in the tone, in the volume they reply in, and in that excitement in their voice!!

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The Book

The Little Bookshop of Love Stories

Book Info

Title: The Little Bookshop of Love Stories
Author: Jaimie Admans
Publishers: HQ Digital
Pub Date: 08 May 2020
Genre: General Fiction (Adult) | Romance
Source: NetGalley

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Today is the Mondayest Monday ever. Hallie Winstone has been fired – and it wasn’t even her fault!

Having lost her job and humiliated herself in front of a whole restaurant full of diners, this is absolutely, one hundred percent, the worst day of her life.
That is until she receives an email announcing that she is the lucky winner of the Once Upon a Page Bookshop!
Owning a bookshop has always been Hallie’s dream, and when she starts to find secret love letters on the first page of every book, she knows she’s stumbled across something special.

But Hallie’s beloved bookshop is in financial trouble, and with sales dwindling, she can’t help but wonder if she is really cut out to run a business.

Things start to look up when she meets gorgeous, bookish Dimitri and between them, they post a few of the hidden messages online, reuniting people who thought they were lost forever.
But maybe it’s time for Hallie to find her own happy-ever-after, too?

First Thoughts

As I stated at the beginning of this post, book-lovers love books featuring books. So I simply had to read this book when I saw it on NetGalley; a book about books, and bookshops, and love stories. The title, cover, setting, and the description ensured I was falling in love before I started reading it. And when I was done with it, I was, bottoms-over-chests (ahem!) in love with it many times over.

The Review

The Little Bookshop of Love Stories is that scribbled note full of love on the first page of a book; addressed to books themselves and to book lovers everywhere.

Granted, it was predictable (for me) almost from the very start, and some of it a little too perfectly wonderful to be believable; but then it is fiction after all. Nevertheless, there was a delight in reading this book that kept me going till the very end almost in one sitting. And I am sure it will be the same for you too.

Jaimie Admans takes her characters, and thus her readers on a joy-filled, heart-warming journey through the pages of this book. The setting is perfect – both the bookshop named Once Upon a Page (and who would not love that!) and the town it is in; and all the characters fit their mold perfectly too. Hallie and Dimitri are both adorably clumsy, wonderfully quirky book-lovers, and totally relatable. I also loved that with all that was going on in the book, blossoming love, rekindled love stories literally from the pages of books, and more, the focus still remained on books!

Have you ever indulged on light airy sweet-treats sprinkled with humor, with that wonderful smell of books and wrapped in a warm hug? You can, when you read this book. This book is where dreams meet reality (oh to own a bookshelf!!!) ; where books meet book-lovers; the words leave your heart feeling warm; where witty banter and happy accidents resulting from klutzy characters leave your face smiling as wide as it can; where social media meets quaint bookshops; and one which leaves you believing in happy-ever-afters!!!

In Summary

Quirky, heart-warming, adorable, light-hearted, sweet romance (for books and love stories) that is perfect for anyone who loves books, bookshops, fairy tales, happily-ever-afters, a little bit of magic, charming little towns, and yes, even baking.

Disclaimer: Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for the eARC of the book; these are my honest opinions after reading this book.

From the Pages of this Book
  • quiff: a piece of hair, especially on a man, brushed upward and backward from the forehead.
  • wibble: wobble; quiver (in your voice)
  • wittering: to chatter or babble pointlessly

I pick up a book and briefly consider how hard I’d have to hit myself on the head to cause a severe enough concussion for my memory to stop recording for a while.

His voice breaks and he can’t hold a smile back at the same time, like when it’s bucketing down and somewhere on the horizon, there’s a burst of sunlight and a rainbow.

Books are magical in that they can transport you to another time and place, introduce you to people you come to know as friends, in both characters, authors and now in real people who, at some point in their lives, have chosen each book as carefully selected gifts for someone they cared about.

Because of the Book

I now want to try all those amazing cookies mentioned in the book – either find them online or bake them. And also find myself wanting to (re)read all the books mentioned in this book – both the childhood favorites and all those love stories. Isn’t it delightful when your favorite characters love the books you love?! I also want to try to illustrate fairy tales, try making bookmarks with bookish quotes, and more..

And yes, also go searching for messages within books in all those second hand bookstores.

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Book Review The Little Bookshop of Love Stories

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And Now, the End of this Post

Dear reader, what are your favorite books about/featuring books? I would love to hear both fiction and non-fiction recommendations.

And would you love to own a bookstore? Or work in one? Do let me know… I know I would!

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    1. no actual recipes in the book, Martha!! But lots of cookies mentioned that definitely leave the reader drooling and wanting to look up recipes and try them …:) But that said, this is definitely a perfect read for these times.. guaranteed to leave you feeling better

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