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Bookish Journeys Captured in Photos

Do you take photos of books and things bookish as you travel? I try to when I can, and I am sure I have many more (at least some better) than the ones I share here today. These are just some of my bookish journeys captured in photos..

I have brief descriptions and/or links for each of the photos

Bookish Journeys Captured in Photos
San Francisco – ‘Language of the Birds‘  – Look up or you will miss this one!!
Library Way - Bookish Journeys Captured in Photos
Library Way, NYC; For this, look down so you don’t step over it… 🙂
@ the NYPL - Bookish Journeys Captured in Photos
A display that caught my attention @ the NYPL
Grew up reading Reader’s Digest and still subscribe to it today; @ the NYPL
When I saw these STEM books I loved, and had reviewed here before, I had to snap this @ the gift store – UN HQ, NYC
A recently discovered favorite (why did I not go here before?) – a local bookstore of used books.. The one where I used up all my change…read more about that here.
catching up on reading (and writing) in the wilderness… As for the pictured book, I reviewed it here.
@ a wonderful bookstore in downtown Mountain View, CA
Bookish Journeys Captured in Photos
I believe this was at The Book Loft in Solvang, CA. This wonderful bookshop also has the Hans Christian Andersen museum (and bookstore). Entering this was like finding one of the most precious gems in a town that is a treasure chest in itself!!
having fun drawing… @ home. You can find my review of the book pictured – Clever Katya here. Books from Russia have always been part of my childhood; and the illustrations of these books always wowed me. I recall spending many hours as a little girl trying to draw using other similar books as inspiration.
Bookish Journeys Captured in Photos
The Rothschild Pentateuch @ the Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA

Dear reader, do share your favorite bookish journeys captured in photos as well!!

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  1. I am always taking pictures of books that I want to read so I don’t forget to look for them. Statues of Authors for Homeschool and quotes of books for my son to also use in school or for my Motivational Quotes I share on Sundays. I especially enjoy quotes from Dr. Seuss. How about you?

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