Hiking and Treasure Hunts

A walk in the woods is what I took for a great portion of today morning and it was wonderful; just like my son mentioned he felt it would be reading Bryson’s book!

We had to buddy up here in the wilderness and luckily for me, I found one. Armed with a contour map that marked the trails and a newly purchased compass, we ventured out.

The map also included a few locations which were trail markers of sorts, identified by a wooden pole with a stamp (of the ink and stamp pad type) tied to it.

Our treasure hunt part of the hike – find the markers along the way and stamp the back of our map, where they had conveniently provided us space for it.

How did we do, you wonder?

Well, it is late afternoon and I am now sitting in a room where the wifi is the strongest in the camp typing this out on my phone; and feeling rested after a short 💤 and having read a bit of Why We Write

As for the hiking itself, it was a up and down hills, back and forth looking for missed markers, the thrill of finding 4 out of 5 markers (and we know where the 5th one is and plan to take a shorter hike to it in a bit) and almost 5 miles of glorious nature!

My pink shoes tell their own story. (Hint, they are no longer really pink but I think they look prettier for it)

All in all, I agree with Bill Bryson and my son: A Walk in the Woods is Wonderful

Thus continues my bookish summer:)

8 thoughts on “Hiking and Treasure Hunts

    1. your comment made me smile 🙂 well, I am done with my week of hiking in the woods and my shoe is not smiling yet; I guess I need to keep up the tempo back here at home to get it to smile soon

  1. I also read Bryson and I think that he is one the great humorists of our generation and he always bring nature into his writing. It sound as if you and your son had a wonderful time. Unfortunatley that will have to wait for the fall/winter/spring in AZ. Forecast is for 110 tomorrow, Today it is 108. Dangerous to be out for a time.

    1. Yes, I would! This particular location is a scouting camp and the hikes are leveled. We completed the first one and there are more to go 🙂 so I am looking forward to being a chaperone again

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