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Chai Time Books You Can Fall in Love With

So this week’s Top Ten Tuesday theme over at ThatArtsyReaderGirl is your fall reading list. While my reading list is forever growing, I decided to twist the theme a bit for the 21st of September was also National Chai Day. So why not celebrate my favorite drink, even if the day is behind us for this year??! Better late than never, right?? Here are ten chai time books you can fall in love with!!

Each of these books have something to do with tea and chai that I am sure I, and you can fall in love with!! Also, isn’t chai a perfect drink for the fall sweater weather? (Well, for me, it is an any-weather drink)

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10 Chai Time Books You Can Fall in Love With

I am yet to read many of these books, so in that way, these are potentially books on my fall reading list after all! For the ones that I have read, or am reading, I will put in my thoughts (so far); for the rest, I will include the book description.

The Chai Factor

Title: The Chai Factor
Author: Farah Heron
Publishers: HarperCollins Publishers (June 11, 2019)
Genre: Multicultural & Interracial Romance
Source: Library copy

Thirty-year-old engineer Amira Khan has set one rule for herself: no dating until her grad-school thesis is done. But life has different plans for her, apparently! In comes Duncan Galahad (really his name), one-fourth of a barbershop quartet. As she wonders how to deal with Sir Galahad, intolerance rears its ugly head, and she learns that there is more to him than meets the eye. What is she to do?

I am currently reading The Chai Factor and loving it so far! Look for my review in a future post (I hope!)

Love, Chai, and Other Four-Letter Words

Title: Love, Chai, and Other Four-Letter Words: A Sweet Multicultural Contemporary Romance (Chai Masala Club, 1)
Author: Annika Sharma
Publishers: Sourcebooks Casablanca (September 21, 2021)
Genre: Fiction/Multicultural Romances
Source: Library copy

A charming NYC romance by co-host of the Woke Desi, for fans of:
multicultural connections
strong friendships and families
a “will they/won’t they” story with powerful stakes
the city that never sleeps
bucket list adventures
characters who fight outside expectations and pressures to build the life they want
Kiran needs to fall in line. Instead, she falls in love.

While I missed my chance at getting this book on NetGalley, I decided to pick it up from the local library as soon as I can. It is on hold right now and I can’t wait to read it. Based on all the reviews I have seen, this is a must read.

Live and Let Chai: A Beachfront Cozy Mystery

Title: Live and Let Chai: A Beachfront Cozy Mystery (Seaside Café Mysteries Book 1)
Author: Bree Baker
Publishers: Poisoned Pen Press (July 10, 2018)
Genre: Cozy Culinary Mystery
Source: Personal copy

When a body turns up on the boardwalk outside Everly Swan’s iced tea shop and café, she becomes the number one suspect in a murder case. Can she bag the culprit, prove her innocence, and dish up the real killer before it’s too late?

I love reading mysteries, I really do! As a child and well into my adulthood, I devoured mysteries, starting from Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and Secret Seven series, to Sherlock Holmes, Poirot, Perry Mason, and more. I still do read occasional mysteries but somehow it is less than once in a blue moon considering how often I read them before. As far as cozy mysteries, I believe I might have read a couple, but can’t recall now. However, the titles never fail to delight me, as much as a cup of tea does!

Which is why I am now finding myself with a late night cup of tea in one hand, and this book on my — well, since many of these books are ebooks that I am reading on my laptop — lap! Since I am reading multiple books in parallel, you can look forward to many of these reviews soon! Be prepared with a big cup of tea

Get it on Amazon, or at your favorite local bookstore via IndieBound.

The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane: A Novel

Title: The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane: A Novel
Author: Lisa See
Publishers: Scribner; First Edition (March 21, 2017)
Genre: Asian American Literature & Fiction
Source: Library copy

A powerful story about a family, separated by circumstances, culture, and distance, Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane paints an unforgettable portrait of a little known region and its people and celebrates the bond that connects mothers and daughters.

Lisa See has been on my TBR list forever. Each of her books gets added on there; I borrow the book from the library and hold on to it to the maximum allowed time, and then return it without having read it. Not because I did not want to but because I always make the mistake of getting way too many books (read way way way too many!!) each time I visit.

This time, I hope to read this to the end (I have begun this one for a change compared to my previous tries). But it is likely going to take me some time for it is a prett-ea heft-ea book!!!

Get it on Amazon, or at your favorite local bookstore via IndieBound, or look for it at your local library!

Rosie’s Travelling Tea Shop

Title: Rosie’s Travelling Tea Shop (The Travelling Shops #1)
Author: Rebecca Raisin
Publishers: HQ Digital (February 16, 2021) (first published March 4, 2019)
Genre: Holiday Romance
Source: NetGalley eARC

Rosie Lewis has her life together. But when Rosie’s perfectly planned life, right down to their future children scheduled for a specific date, crumbles around her with her husband’s confession about an affair, she ends up finding herself in a bright pink campervan for the trip of a lifetime!

She is all set to hit the road with Poppy, her travelling tea shop. So what could go wrong? Nothing, right???

One of those long overdue reviews.

Rebecca Raisin takes tough topics and approaches them without dramatizing anything unnecessarily. While I enjoyed knowing the characters, I think my favorite part of the book was Poppy, the travelling tea-shop!! I simply love the idea of having a campervan that serves dual purposes (well, I actually would love to combine the tea-shop with Aria’s bookshop van which is incidentally what book 2 of the series is about) and exploring off-beat towns in it.

Overall, this book is one of those that effectively wraps you in a hug, hands you a literal cup of tea as well, and tops it all off with a wonderful read and a sweet treat!!!

You can get it here at Amazon or pick it up from a local bookstore via IndieBound

A Literary Tea Party

Title: A Literary Tea Party: Blends and Treats for Alice, Bilbo, Dorothy, Jo, and Book Lovers Everywhere 
Author: Alison Walsh
Publishers: Skyhorse (June 5, 2018)
Genre: Brunch & Tea Cooking
Source: Edelweiss eARC first/ Personal copy later

Fire up your literary fancies and nibble your way through delicate sweets and savories with A Literary Tea Party, which brings food from classic books to life with a teatime twist. Featuring fifty-five perfectly portioned recipes for an afternoon getaway, including custom homemade tea blends and beverages, you will have everything you need to plan an elaborate tea party

I had forgotten about this book, or rather, lost it in one of the side-alleys in the maze of mazes that is currently serving as my memory!! Writing this post ensured that this book got off that side-alley and right onto Main Street. I had even ended up buying the book so I could do one of those overdue reviews for a delightful book, but that never happened.

This book is positea-vly delish! A litea-rary treat indeed! Well, enough with the puns for this review, but seriously, I love the presentation and the contents of this book. Alison Walsh effortlessly infuses teatime treats and literary delights with humor and warmth to make A Literary Tea Party a wonderful read.

Each featured recipe follows a recipe, of sorts! The name of the dish, the book it is inspired by, a quote(s) from the book, a something more about the dish, the recipe itself (simple and straightforward steps), followed by either a fun fact/a tip/a tea pairing/or an etc. I love how it includes a varie-tea of dishes inspired by an equally impressive range of books (from Alice in Wonderland to White Fang, and from Agatha Christie to Mary Norton!

Check it out now!! You can find it on Amazon or support your local bookstore here.

Stuff Every Tea Lover Should Know

Title: Stuff Every Tea Lover Should Know
Author: Candace Rose Rardon
Publishers: Quirk Books (April 14, 2020)
Genre: Non-fiction/Food and Drinks
Source: Personal copy

Within the pages of this pocket-sized guide, you’ll find information, how-tos, and trivia for tea lovers of all levels.

This is tea-eny, tiny book but it packs a whole lot of information within. While I love tea, and am pretty (well, not doing the prettea thing again) needy about it, I know there is a lot to learn about it still. This book helps to glean enough to impress others at parties. From the history of tea to types of tea and teapots, and from tea traditions around the world to tips on how to partea, this book has it all.

Now, I am going to look for other books in the Stuff You Should Know series. Also, note that this makes a wonderful gift for that tea lover in your life! Pair it with this adorable Elephant Tea Mug that comes with its own teabag holder as well as a selection of Tea by Moods to make it perfect!

The Boba Book: Bubble Tea and Beyond

Title: The Boba Book: Bubble Tea and Beyond
Author: Andrew Chau and Bin Chen
Publishers: Clarkson Potter (April 7, 2020)
Genre: Non-fiction/Food and Drinks
Source: Library copy

A beautifully photographed and designed cookbook and guide to the cultural phenomenon that is boba, or bubble tea–featuring recipes and reflections from The Boba Guys tea shops.

I am currently reading this book and loving it so far! Look for my review in a future post (I hope!)

With teenagers in the house, and living in a neighborhood where there are at least a dozen boba places in a three-mile radius, I simply had to check out this book. I am glad I did. The book is a little bit of many things: boba history, Boba-Guys-memoir, recipe book (and what stunning, drool-worthy photographs!), personal stories in speech bubbles (there is a backstory for that), and more boba stuff.

While I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is where the Boba Guys opened their first store, I have never been to one of their boba places yet. So I should look for the closest Boba Guys soon. However, you do not need to know about or have been to Boba Guys to appreciate and enjoy this book. I am proof of that. You can look for it at your local library, on Amazon, or at a local bookstore.

Confession: I am a boba fan and desperately trying not to get addicted to it! I am hoping to master the art of making it at home with books like this though so I can if needed.

The Tea Rose

Title: The Tea Rose
Author: Jennifer Donnelly
Publishers: HarperCollins Publishers (June 11, 2019)
Genre: Multicultural & Interracial Romance
Source: Library copy

From the bleak poverty and burgeoning businesses of London to the immigrant districts and glossy lifestyle of Fifth Avenue, from East End dock workers to New York socialites, The Tea Rose is a charming novel of family, fortune, tragedy and tea.

This is on my TBR! Intrigue, tea, history, setting, and more – it has all these elements that make for great reading on a day you want to simply curl up on your couch and read, armed with that giant cup of tea as well. Plus, this is book one of a three-part series, so keep that teapot boiling and brewing. I will be getting to this book very soon and will update you all when I am done reading, I promise!

Infused: Adventures in Tea

Title: Infused: Adventures in Tea
Author: Henrietta Lovell
Publishers: Faber & Faber (October 8, 2019)
Genre: Non-fiction/Food & Drinks, Coffee & Tea
Source: Library copy

Henrietta Lovell is best known as “The Rare Tea Lady”. She is on a mission to revolutionize the way we drink tea by replacing industrially produced teabags with the highest quality tea leaves. Her quest has seen her travel to the Shire Highlands of Malawi, across the foothills of the Himalayas, and to hidden gardens in the Wuyi-Shan to source the world’s most extraordinary teas. Infused invites us to discover these remarkable places, introducing us to the individual growers and household name chefs Lovell has met along the way – and reveals the true pleasures of tea. The result is a delicious infusion of travel writing, memoir, recipes, and glorious photography, all written with Lovell’s unique charm and wit.

While I will get to reading it fully later, I read the first few pages of this fascinating book for it drew me in. Isn’t that cover gorgeous?! I love Lovell’s writing style; she uses narration and description to transport readers to wherever she is writing about, and her sensitivity as well as her passion for tea shows in the recipes and well, just about everything. I am looking forward to continuing it soon after I finish all those other currently-reading books (and not just the ones in this post!)

I am sure you will love Infused, even if you are not someone who enjoys tea (how?! well, jk!). Lovell was previously unknown to me, but now I am going to check out her blog. She is certainly one inspiring lady.

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And Now, the End of This Chai Time Post

Dear reader, have you read any of these chai time books? Your thoughts on them are as always, welcome and needed! Do you have any recommendations for books about tea? Fiction, non-fiction, and all ages recommendations are welcome! Regarding the theme of this post, when is it chai time for you? Do you have any favorite teas or chai time snacks? I would love to hear about that.

“Life is like a cup of tea. It’s all in how you make it.” – Unknown

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  1. My reading list is always growing as well. I like the covers of each book as well. A great cover makes me happy to see on my nightstand before I curl up to read.

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