Clerihew for Who

What is a clerihew?

A clerihew is a poetic form of four lines, biographical, nonsensical, with no specific line length and an AABB rhyming scheme. The first line includes the name of a famous person who the poem is about.

Robert Louis Stevenson, at the grand old age of forty-one, decided didn’t need a birthday, and simply gifted it away!

-Vidya @ LadyInReadWrites

Paul Bunyan the Lumberjack, created the Grand Canyon and the Hills, Black. When he was but a baby bloke, he clapped all the windows broke!

-Vidya @ LadyInReadWrites

July 10th is Clerihew Day, and also listed in my Literary Holidays post here. So I decided to take a poetic turn this bookish summer; and being in the woods, I thought Paul Bunyan an apt addition.

So my bookish summer continues…

4 thoughts on “Clerihew for Who

  1. C.S. Lewis spun quite a yarnia, took us through a wardrobe into Narnia, where we met a lion who was the Lamb, revealing himself as the great I AM.

    I had never heard of a clerihew before. I like the image of Paul breaking windows.

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