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Cozy Reads for Anytime of the Year: Cozy Titles Rather!

It’s the season after all. And while I stubbornly waited until after Thanksgiving to turn on the station (that seems to start playing Christmassy music earlier and earlier each year), I do not mind getting all cozy anytime of the year to sit down and read books! Which is why I thought that this week’s theme for cozy reads over at ThatArtsyReaderGirl would be a breeze (brrr). But it took me longer than I thought to settle upon an idea/theme. Anyway, here is what I ended up with. Books with titles with words that warm me up – like hugs and kisses, like home and fires; and hearts as well, among others

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Cozy Reads, or Rather Books With Sort of Cozy Titles

cozy reads from board books to more - for all ages

The Little Ones Need Cozy Reads

  1. You’re the Hugs to My Kisses (3 – 6 years, and up). This book brings to mind a favorite song of mine – All I Want is You from the movie Juno. Adorable illustrations accompany sweet lyrical verses that go something like ‘You’re my X to my Y’ to make this a read for everyone. And a wonderful gift as well (for any occasion too).
  2. Valentino Finds a Home (4 – 7 years). This read is a cute one and so very beautifully talks about acceptance and security!
  3. Sun Kisses and Moon Hugs (4 – 8 years). Hugs and kisses via the moon and the sun; sounds so very wonderful, right? This book is so very sweet and one that can be read many times over.
  4. I Lost my Hug (4 – 8 years). We all lose things everyday, and often find them in the last place we look for it. In this sweet read, the protagonist lost their hug, and look for it in every place they can think of (from car wheels to trees, and so many more in rhyming verses that will have you smiling and sometimes nodding your head in agreement!). And the end is sure to warm your heart!
  5. Lila Lou’s Little Library (5 – 8 years). A little library, the wonderful gift of sharing books and the love for reading, and sweet text with sweeter illustrations make this book with an important message a must-read.

Cozy Reads for Older Readers (Teens and Up)

  1. What is Home, Mum? (Women’s Biographies/Graphic Novels). A heartfelt memoir that I couldn’t stop reading once I got started on it. Sabba Khan’s look into her life through powerful truths and honest memories as well as artwork that stands on out its own make this a book that everyone should read – all who are trying to fit in somewhere, all who put on masks as they go about their lives, and all who want to explore the “complexities of life” itself. An emotional beautiful read in every way.
  2. You Took the Last Bus Home (Poetry). I discovered Brian Bilston fairly recently (like a couple of months ago) via Facebook (and here I thank those algorithms that also send the unnecessary ads my way!). And I had to pick this book for myself to read, now via Edelweiss, and soon will get my own copy here. Bilston’s poetry astounds me on so many levels and this book contains everything from the funny (with his trademark humor) to the tugging-at-heartstrings poems.
  3. Hearts, Strings, and Other Breakable Things (Teen and YA read). I read this book a couple of years ago and it was one I was glad to read – for so many reasons.
  4. I Miss You: Exercises for yearning hearts (Journal-type of book). This book is more like a list of activities, but in such a beautiful and poignant way that it will provide comfort for all who are missing a loved one (for various reasons, away from them, a broken heart, grieving for them).
  5. Time of Fog and Fire (l am yet to read this one, and it has been on my to read list for too long now. So I added it here, both for the ‘fire’ in the title, and a reminder to myself to read it – soon/now/?)

And a Bonus

Cozy Classics: the series by the Holman brothers.

I read a few of the books in this series ages ago now (or so it seems) and each one is amazing and shows the power of the right set of words! As the description of these books says:

Cuddle up with a classic! In twelve needle-felted scenes and twelve child-friendly words, each book in this ingenious series captures the essence of a literary masterpiece. Simple words and a beloved story make this book the perfect vehicle for early learning with an erudite twist. Budding bookworms will delight in this clever retelling of the classics made just for them!

Thanks to Edelweiss for the digital review copies of the books – #s 4 and 5 in the reads for little ones, and #s 1, 2, and 4 in the next.

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And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, have you read any of these books? As always, I welcome your thoughts and recommendations.

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