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Daily Inspiration: 13 Ways to Be Creative Everyday

September 14th is Live Creative Day so here is my dose of daily inspiration for the day, a list of ways to be creative everyday, to add little habits that can keep those creative cells active and alive! Living creatively every day can bring joy, inspiration, and fulfillment to your life so add some creativity to each day with these ideas…

13 Ways to Be Creative Everyday

Creative Writing

Well, of course I had to include this. And instead of saving it for the last with the cliched ‘last but not the least,’ I decided to start off this list with writing. There are so many ways to be creative everyday using writing as your way to do so:

  • Dive into the world of storytelling. Pen down short stories or even embark on the journey of writing a novel. NaNoWriMo is not far off so you can get your headstart now. And maybe I should practice what I preach and get started as well
  • Journaling works too. So,beyond just noting your day, pour your thoughts, ideas, and feelings onto the pages of your journal.
  • Last but not least (sorry!), write some poetry. You know you can find ideas and inspiration write(!) here on my blog for the same.


Have you always wanted to paint? Or thought about it when you looked at masterpieces (or not-masterpieces) in museums and such? If 👍🏻, then get those paintbrushes out and let your imagination run wild. Try your hand at acrylics, watercolors, or oils – whatever tickles your fancy! You can even just choose to paint one of your walls at home or jazz up your backyard with a mural.


Those idle moments are perfect for quick sketches or doodles. Grab any scrap of paper and let your pen wander. Look for inspiration around you … and check out these books to learn how to do those cute doodles you see..

(my thoughts on the books along with doodling attempts are here)

Card Making

I used to make cards for loved ones for every occasion years ago, and somewhere over the ages, with sending out digital greetings and gifts, that habit died. But I do miss it and want to get back to doing it, at least once a month.


I am the mom-grapher who loves to document every everyday moment just because. But I hope to do it more consciously moving forward, and maybe turn some of those pics into art.

You can also play with angles, lighting, and editing to create your own visual masterpieces.


The kitchen is your canvas (and my mom’s and mom-in-law’s and daughter’s too)! While I love trying out new recipes and attempting old ones in new ways (often because I ran out of ingredients), as well as try going on culinary adventures, my daughter definitely is the expert at making those dishes a work of art! She loves creative plating and does it well.


Design your own outdoor oasis. I can honestly say my green thumb is missing but I do try to arrange the roses that still manage to bloom in a vase when they threaten to overtake my garden every so often. And I have a little cacti corner in my backyard that is doing good (well, it better). Plus, a DIY attempt with more cacti which I am pretty happy about.


Mold clay or any other malleable material (flour, playdoh, etc) into anything you wish. Create cool 3D art using found objects (I always am inspired when I visit the local flea market!).

One of the things I do attempt and make annually is the Ganesha for the Ganesha Chathurthi festival (this year, it falls on the 18th of September).

Interior Decoration

Well, you don’t need a degree for any of the things on the list today, and not for this one too. Simply attempt to rearrange furniture in your home every once in a while to break the humdrum of your life, add a painting you made, a photograph you took, or a sculpture you attempted to the decor.

Fashion Design

Express yourself through clothing. Sew, knit, or upcycle old clothes to create your own unique fashion statements. I am not much of a fashionista (though apparently I had better fashion sense when my teen was a tot – according to her!) but my daughter does give me good advice and tips on how to mix and match clothes and accessories. Plus, she is a cool upcycler!!

And this cool idea from an art teacher combines two different things on this list – painting and fashion design. You can have your friends/family work on this with you or just do it yourself:

Digital Art

With graphic design software and of course, AI, you can let your creativity flow digitally. I have tried to create cool digital art (still trying) and cartoon strips. You can also attempt animations based on those stories you wrote (#1 – creative writing).


Dance, for me, is joy of movement, my favorite way to exercise, and to simply be. It is a universal form of self-expression. For this creativity exercise, you can attempt to choreograph your own dance routines to favorite songs or simply dance freely to the music that moves you.

DIY Crafts

Embrace your inner craftsperson by making jewelry, candles, or crafting decorative items for your home. While it has been over an eon since I made anything – DIY crafts, I mean – I recall making a few when my kids were younger – kind of like a family project. We also made stuff like lotion bars, candles, and cards for sale at booths to raise funds for various projects.

One of the most recent things I attempted – well, I can’t recall actually – so it is high time to work on one soon!

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Remember that creativity is a personal journey, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. The key is to stay open to new experiences, embrace your unique perspective, and make a conscious effort to infuse creativity into your daily life.

You can also try your hand at other art forms, like music composition (create your own snazzy, crazy tunes, make up songs – tunes and lyrics – the complete package!), or film making (aren’t reels kind of the same, at a micro-level?), and so much more

And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, what are your preferred ways to be creative?

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9 thoughts on “Daily Inspiration: 13 Ways to Be Creative Everyday

  1. I was researching on how to nurture creativity in my children. Glad that there are many different ways and activities to do with them. Hope we will also have a great time together as my children grows in creativity!

  2. Your enthusiasm for fostering creativity shines through in this post! Your list of ways to be creative every day is inspiring and diverse. Your personal anecdotes and recommendations add a warm and relatable touch. Keep spreading the creative spirit!

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