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Doodle Your HeArt and Thoughts: Totally Kawaii-ute!

Today’s post features two books that will get you doodling – be it your words or what you see around you, around the world.  So, ahead, doodle your (he)art and thoughts with the help of these featured titles! While these are not technically shelved under children’s books, these work for all ages. I can attest to that based on the fact that my tween daughter and I both enjoyed these books 🙂

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Kawaii Doodle Cuties

Title: Kawaii Doodle Cuties: Sketching Super-Cute Stuff from around the Worldkawaii doodles
Creator: Zainab Khan
Publisher: Quarto Publishing Group – Race Point Publishing
Category: Arts & Crafts

Book Description:

Prepare for the cutest world tour ever with Kawaii Doodle Cuties! YouTube artist Pic Candle will show you how to draw kawaii characters from every stop on the map! 

The Japanese word kawaii translates to “cute,” and this how-to book is chock-full of super-adorable images from your favorite spots around the globe. From animals and nature to fashion and food, you will learn to draw cute artwork from countries all over the world!

Learn how to draw a cute Eiffel Tower and kawaii macarons from Paris. Master how to draw natural beauty like Holland’s stunning tulips and monuments like the Taj Mahal in India. Or sketch fashion fun with a cute K-pop skirt from South Korea or a kimono from Japan. The simple, step-by-step illustrations and instructions make drawing these characters perfect for beginner artists or anyone who wants to add a heaping spoonful of cute to their art.

Thanks to this adorable crash course in doodling all things kawaii, you’ll soon be enhancing your notebooks, stationery, artwork, and everything with unbelievably adorable illustrations!

My Thoughts:

Both my tween and I love doodling and creating though she admirably spends more productive time at creating art than I do 🙂 So, when I saw this book for review, I knew I had to get it for us to read, well, doodle along with it.

This book is doodally cute. While I have seen these cuties all over the internet in journaling entries and in my daughter’s notebooks(!), I had not really tried my hand at these until this book.  The step by step instructions make it a breeze to produce kawaiiuties (is that a word?) and I plan to use this for more inspiration along with my little girl.

What is Kawaii? I have to be honest that when i first heard the word, I thought it was a place in Hawaii and it took me a while or rather it took my dd to let me know what it is! This book does tell you what it is at the very start. The tips and tricks as well as the tools of the trade provided that follow will arm you with all you need to get kawaii-ing.

The doodles are divided into the most adorable sections so you can pick and choose which one you love the most.  You can pick from:

  • adorable food (beware the hunger pangs that can strike you as you draw these)
  • precious nature and natural wonders (i wanted to go for a walk and be inspired some more)
  • enchanting architecture and monuments (travel bugs will bite you here)
  • lovable animals and birds (a trip to the farm or zoo soon)
  • charming transportation (wanted to get on a double decker bus after this)
  • fetching fashion (oh well, i am out of ideas now)
  • or just plain everyday cute (and look around you for inspiration, my kitchen sink maybe!).

I am still searching for the items in the search and find puzzles included at the end of the book – cool eye-spy games for all. And I am wondering how long it took to work on those pages 🙂

Here is a glimpse from across the book – my trials at kawaii doodling. I worked on the nearest available piece of paper (the back of an envelope that came in the mail) with the closest pencil I could find: Kawaii Doodle Cuteness around the world

Rating: A
Age Range: All ages that want to!

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The Art of Doodle Letters

Title: The Art of Doodle Words: Turn Your Everyday Doodles into Cute Hand Lettering!doodle words
Creator: Sarah Alberto
Publisher: Quarto Publishing Group – Race Point Publishing
Category: Arts & Crafts

Book Description:

In The Art of Doodle Letters, YouTube artist Sarah Alberto shows you how to combine hand lettering and carefree doodles into your own artwork.

If you love the look of hand lettering and calligraphy, but find it too intimidating or perhaps too ornate, then The Art of Doodle Letters is the book for you. Now you can learn the basics of lettering just by doodling. Sarah Alberto, the artist behind the popular YouTube channel Sarah’s Doodles, likes to start her doodle words with a simple letter or word.

Whether you’re drawing a word like cold or love or idea, Sarah will show you how to transform it into doodles using super-cute sketches and simple lines. A basic word becomes an adorable illustration. Sarah will also teach you how to work in reverse, starting with a doodle and turning it into a cute illustration of letters and words.

Pick up The Art of Doodle Letters and begin learning stress-free, laid-back lettering styles now!

My Thoughts:

Journaling is all the craze now and this book will help you wordoodle your way right into it! As a child, I recall spending many hours lettering and I think I still have some of those stacked away. This book brought back those fond memories and rekindled my inspiration to hand-letter the doodle way!

The book is well organized with clear and easy step by step instructions. It has lots of cute ideas that made me go ‘aha’ and ‘that is so creative’.

It includes a tools and techniques section at the beginning that gives you a quick look at what you need and how you can get started.

Part One shows you different lettering types with ideas for how to use some of them in words. And this is something you can use for so many things – journaling, scrapbooking, artwork, and more.

Part Two is the wordoodle part where you go through step by step instructions to create word-doodles. Sometimes you start with words and add on doodles to them and at others, you start with cool doodles and include the words. But no matter how you do it, the result is always going to result in an ‘aaaw! so cute’ or ‘wow! so cool’ or both reactions (guaranteed with practice!)! (I am not yet there, but here is what I worked on initially – with what was right next to me).

doodle words
the original – from the book – the art of doodle words
Doodle Words
my try at doodle words




Rating: A
Age Range: All ages that want to

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In Summary (or Additional Thoughts For Both Books):

These are books that are perfect gifts for that doodler, that journalese, or anyone who wants to try out these arts. I am looking forward to working on projects with my tween, doodling our hearts and thoughts out using both these wonderful books! And hopefully be inspired to work on our own creative takes on these ideas. After reading these books, I checked out the youtube videos for both these talented artists and there is so much more to learn 🙂

Disclaimer: Thank You #NetGalley and Quarto Publishing for the DRC of these books. The opinions are my own. 

Question to You, Dear Reader:

Have you tried your hand at doodling? Or if not, what is the art form you enjoy? Do let me know, would love to learn more about you!

Writing this post as a series for the Ultimate Blog Challenge and Write 31 Days.  31 Days, 31 Books! This is for Day Twenty Nine, almost there at the finish line now but catching up still.

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