Excuses for Not Blogging

NaBloPoMo’s February Theme is Make! As I spent most of my day feeling a little under the weather in between the ‘drop off and pick up the kids’ times, my mind went over the fact that it was just 5 days into the shortest month of the year (where I signed p for NaBloPoMo!) and I was fresh out of a post, out of even a glimpse of an idea for one. Then I decided to find out what was making it so hard for me to blog (ahem, had time to dwell over and make excuses for not blogging).
So, without further ado, here they are, the ones that are lame (and not) and some specific for today:

1. There was a monster in the kitchen sink and I spent most of my time looking for it – could not find it yet under the huge pile of dishes (which refuses to go away)!

2. It is World Nutella Day! So I was drooling over magical Nutella recipes – browsing through many of them, watching the how-to make no-bake Nutella Cheesecake recipe on youtube and was lost in sweet thoughts!

3. The post(s) I had planned for were already written (well, of course!). Even the ones where excuses are made for not blogging.

4. I just don’t feel like showing up (at my blog) because what if no one else does –
Well, based on a bit of ‘see, I told you so’ advice I gave my son this past week, this should not matter, because showing up matters and, you still are a winner, because you showed up! Well, that really did happen – my son’s team – all of them showed up for a basketball match on Sunday – it was scheduled to start a couple of hours before the Super Bowl – and guess what, the other team did not turn up, not one of them, and our team won by default! My son said he would have preferred to win by actually playing and that made me proud but I used that opportunity to show him the importance of showing up, of being there. (guess this would be the not lame part of my post).

5. It is chaos up there,
I know, I pulled out all my hair
Looked literally everywhere (up there)
It is an idea-less lair!
(could I use this for Theme Thursday’s chaos theme for this week?)

6. Was busy making another list (love list making and am reading a book on that topic, review coming soon) – a list of posts  I wish I had written (see #3 above) and in the process discovering more wonderful posts to add to the list, and discovering new blogs to love as well (this is a wonderful part of blogging though, and I definitely do not mind having this excuse to not be blogging myself – being lost in blogworld!).

7. Discovered Wikipedia’s word of the year page! Oh, the wondrous world of words!

8. Discovered (well, got further confirmation really) that I am kind of a book-nerd – You can check out this fun test here
to see how much of a book nerd you are at the Barnes and Nobel blog. While I
checked most of the items, I do not have a pet (and would have definitely given
it a literary name if I had one) and so far (though I would love to have them),
no signed or first editions of books. My book-nerd-score was 46. Let me know yours! 
9. Downton Abbey
10. And last, but not the least,…well, that was it. #9 was the last one for now.

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