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February Edition of Mini Reviews: Votes Matter

Another set of books, picture books all, and each one appealing to different audiences. I enjoyed reading them all and hope you will too. Today’s featured books are all to do with votes and voting. And I do believe that we should teach our kids about the process, about the fact that votes matter – every single one does and sometimes that one vote can make all the difference!

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Mini Reviews: Votes Matter

Women Win the Vote

Women Win the Vote

Title: Women Win the Vote!19 for the 19th Amendment
Author: Nancy B. Kennedy
Illustrator: Katy Dockrill
Publishers: Norton Young Readers
Pub Date: 11 Feb, 2020
Genre: Children’s Non-fiction
Age-Range: 9 – 12 years
Source: NetGalley eARC

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My Thoughts

This timely book (celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment) highlights 19 women who were part of the suffrage movement, and who did their part in the fight that has given women today the right to vote. Some of them are well known and others not that much, and this book paints a honest picture of each of them – the good and the bad. The short yet informative biographies along with the brilliant sketches make this an empowering read for young readers, girls and boys alike.

Fact boxes with interesting details add to the book, and the timeline provided at the end of the book along with more photos and details make this book a worthwhile addition to every library.

Conclusion: I am glad I learned more about these women, and I am sure you will too.

Vote for Me

Vote for Me

Title: Vote for Me
Author/Illustrator: Ben Clanton
Publishers: Tundra Books
Pub Date: Feb 4, 2020
Genre: Picture Books
Age-Range: 4 – 8 yrs (from GoodReads)
Source: NetGalley eARC

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My Thoughts

This book is one of those that evoked mixed feelings for me. I truly loved the artwork, the timeliness(though based on what I see, this is a timely reprint), and the concept of the book. So while we could possibly use the book to introduce younger readers to the bitter side of politics, and the words used in the mudslinging contest between the donkey and the elephant here are sure to get some giggles, I am not too sure if the book is intended to be a truly children’s picture book (because the political undertones can go over their heads) or if it should be a political satire book for adults in picture book format.

Conclusion: It is cute and giggle-inducing, and the illustrations are simply adorable! I would lean towards it being political satire for adults who have young kids so they could use it to read to their young ‘uns(after they have read it)!

Disclaimer: Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for the digital review copy of the featured books. These thoughts are my honest opinions of the books.

Another excellent children’s non-fiction book related to voting that shows how and why votes matter is below. I have reviewed it earlier on my blog – you can check this post for the full review.

Vote for Me

Title: Vote For Me!: How Governments and Elections Work Around the World 
Author: Louise Spilsbury
Illustrator: Mike Gordon
Publishers: B.E.S. 
Pub Date: February 1, 2018
Genre: Children’s Non-fiction
Age-Range: 8 – 11 years

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  1. How great to have several related titles like this so close to election time! I checked out a whole stack during our last election, so these will be wonderful new options to look for this October/November. Thanks for the shares, Vidya!

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