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January Wrap Up

So it is a week into February already and I look back what I have accomplished compared to what I planned – a wrap up for the past month.

January Wrap Up

My Resolutions

This was that post.

  1. A Photo a Day: Yes to this one! And while the ones I post each day on Instagram are not always the ones I take that day, I am glad I have taken the time to take a photo a day, to pause for that moment and capture it.
  2. My writing goals:
    1. in my journal every day – Have not done it everyday, but once every few days. This post will show you how I plan to update the way I journal.
    2. poems – one every week – hmm.. got two for the month so need to work on this one.
    3. posts on my blog – not what I planned but I am OK with that. The goal keeps me posting more than I otherwise would.
    4. book reviews – yes, but hope to do more!
  3. Health Goals: Working on these diligently, except for one thing. I do need to start on dance and yoga, though I do walk everyday (not always 10k, but enough and getting to my class requires a decent sized climb – three times a week)
  4. Complete 20 items from the 52 weeks, 52 list Not Yet, but have picked the 20 I plan to do!
  5. Yes to teeny tiny acts of kindness, yet to work on doing more.
  6. Read – yup!
  7. Learn: A new word a day (almost but yet to start using them actively); am doing two courses at the local community college this quarter which is one of the reasons my blogging started getting random (one I enjoy, and one I am starting to enjoy though I did not think I will); a new language (not yet but hope to soon); and then the skills (new and old) is something I am not sure I am working on (maybe, maybe not)
  8. Work on our garden seriously – will be starting on this soon.

January Book/Short Story Review Posts

My favorite of the photos posted in January on Instagram

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#photomission_1159 #fingerlakesregion #summertrips

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My Reading Challenges

reading challenges

This post here.

The Blog Audit Challenge

The January progress/wrap up for the Blog Audit Challenge (posted about this here)

1. Create a mission statement for your blog

My Mission Statement: To entertain and educate, to inform and instill, to stay for more and leave enriched

2. Do a SWOT analysis of your blog

This was tough but highlighting some of what I noted down here.

  • Strengths – This is a tough one for me, and I am not sure what it is, except for the fact that I do want to work towards making my blog better.
  • Weaknesses – SEO, consistency, navigation can be made easier (eg: book reviews indexed by categories/age/etc)
  • Opportunities – provide downloads, more relevant tags, create more cornerstone content for my blog
  • Threats – distractions causing inability to focus on finishing posts (leading to that weakness of consistency)

3. Research

Websites that provide a wide variety of posts (no specific niche) and are successful are my biggest source of inspiration. I have a list of these and am using that inspiration to work towards providing better content on my blog to my readers.

4. Create a content schedule

I did have one that I don’t follow as much and so I need to rethink it as I work on making more updates on how and what I post

Wrapping up the Wrap up Post

So that was my looking back at January. And if you are thinking of making any updates to your blog, check out the Blog Audit Challenge. Jo has new challenges for each month and I know it is helping me already! The reading challenges are all fun too. It is not too late to join any of them so join me and we can work on these together 🙂 The more, the merrier is true…

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  1. Sounds like you got a lot done this January. I spent some time at home getting some projects done and now I’m back to work. Winter is tough here, it makes me lose a lot of my motivation!

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