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Five Favorite Fictional Moms

So here is another top few list – this time, a top five list and the theme – Mother Figures from books.

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This might be a tough one or not. When I start thinking about mothers that inspire, of course, but natural, the first person I think of is my mom, or amma, as I call her. Immediately after, my mother-in-law (I call her amma as well!) and my grandmoms, followed by all my aunts(and I have a great many), my friends’ moms, and so many other friends who each inspire me in myriad ways.

But this post is about favorite fictional moms. So here they are, five of my (not all):

Favorite Fictional Moms

Marmee in Little Women

Well, of course, she will find her way in this list. Considering the number of times Little Women appears on my blog, it is no surprise that the first fictional mom I thought of was Marmee.

Marmee Little Women

Mama Bear, Berenstain Bears

I first watched The Berenstain Bears on TV with my kids on PBS; and I did love them all. It was only later that I picked up the books to read. And Mama Bear shone as the voice of reason throughout! She is one of those mamas about whom I can say ‘Mama knows best’! And given the antics she put up with, I truly admire her 🙂

Berenstain Bears

Ma Larkin, The Darling Buds of May

This is an unconventional pick indeed. But Ma Larkin is definitely a mom who teaches you to laugh, enjoy life, to take life as it comes. While the Larkin parents appear (are) a bit too carefree and ‘somewhat’ calculating maybe, their joy for life outweighs so much else. Pa Larkin makes his appearance is a favorite dad’s list on my blog 🙂

This book is a read for summer days and a guilty fun one at that. I truly identified with Victoria Connelly’s write-up on this book here.

Ma Larkin Darling Buds of May

August’s mom in Wonder

I featured this book recently on my blog. In the book, and in the movie, I did wish that there had been a parent’s side to Auggie’s story; and mom’s perspective would have been something I would have loved to read. Auggie’s mom is a wonderful teacher, super-smart, and .. Her love for, acceptance of, and confidence & pride in August make her a wonderful addition to this list.


Marilla in Anne of Green Gables

Granted, Marilla begins her relationship with Anne in a resentment of sorts; but she warms up to Anne and grows to love her (in her own way) .

Anne of Green Gables 

So that was my listing of five of my favorite fictional moms. What about you? Did any of your favorites make it on my list?

Favorite Fictional Moms

Note: All images (except the smiley face which is a Pixabay image) in this post are photos taken by me in my favorite location of all – my backyard 🙂

23 thoughts on “Five Favorite Fictional Moms

  1. Your post made me think of my favorite fictional moms but unfortunately, nothing comes up. I cam only think of my least favorite moms — like the stepmother of Rapunzel in Tangled. Hahaha.

    I will definitely think about it over the weekend. I did not realize this question would be so hard to answer. LOL

  2. I haven’t read The Darling Buds of May but remaining books and the fic moms over there are completely valid as I love them too.

  3. This actually challenged me! I’m going to list my favorite books and see if I can find fictional moms I can take inspiration from! This can also be a good mother’s day book club discussion! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’m not familiar with any of these moms. Most of the books I liked actually didn’t have moms, probably because I had an abusive mom, it was hard for me to like moms. They were all Mother Gothel to me.

  5. Good choices, though I am not familiar with them all. Mine from your list would be Marmee and Marilla!! From books, I might add Caroline from Little House on the Prairie. But if we being to look at TV and movies, my list would get much longer.

  6. What a cute idea and a great list of characters! Completely agree with Marmee – and I didn’t think of it, but I wish I did – the comment above including Molly Weasley!

  7. We were just watching some of Anne of Green Gables the other day. It really takes me back to my childhood to watch it since I read the books when I was younger. Marilla definitely had a complicated relationship with Anne, and it’s nice to watch it evolve.

  8. What a great choice for mother’s day! I admit that I only have read 3 but your take on them makes me think back. i have read some books over and I think that I will read one of these over too. I hope you do a similar blog for father’s day.

  9. Interesting! Never really thought about fictional moms. This was something new on mothers day. I like the list but would love to add few names. Lilly Potter, Aunt Fanny, Mrs Wheasley etc

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