Fun Friday – Bingo!

This is both my Fun Friday post and my entry for Friday
Flash 55
It was BINGO night today; the school hall was packed;
excited chatter in the air
Cries of ‘Oh no!’ ‘YES’, ‘just one more’ ;of course ‘BINGO’ everywhere
And just as my little ones fretted they were not going to
It was announced – random game – everyone with G52 – you
Yay! We both have G52!

From ‘The Feast of Roses’ by Indu Sundaresan
‘The months of June
and July passed. The monsoons were tardy this year – the nights hinted rain
constantly with an aroma in the air, a cooling on the skin, soundless lightning
across skies. But when morning came, the sun rose strong again, mocking Agra
and its inhabitants.’
From ‘The Four Ms.Bradwells’ by  Meg Waite Clayton
‘I guess the truth is I’d trade me in for Mia, too. She hasn’t ever been the prettiest of us, or even the smartest, probably, but there is a casual joy in her that creeps up on you, that makes you reluctant to walk away from the way she makes you feel about yourself. ’
Book Blurb – one meme I had wanted to try for sometime now and finally decided to join in today
‘My Sentinel(Tree)’ by Vidya Tiru
As she looked out at the tree, the very tree that had stood –
sentinel-like – all these years, she recalled the soft murmurs that invariably
helped her sleep. The gentle breeze from the tree that blew in through the open
window lulled her senses today, as it had years ago and a sweet smell filled
the air. The sense of security she got from the tree had helped her many a day
years ago and she silently thanked the tree. Today, she had returned home for
the sanctuary of the tree. She heard the murmurs again and was it her imagination,
or was she hearing words? She listened closer and it seemed the tree spoke to
her, “I need your help”. Something compelled her outside and to the tree and as
she neared, a door opened in the middle of the tree – dare she enter?

13 thoughts on “Fun Friday – Bingo!

  1. Thank you so much for participating in the Friday Funfest, I hope you found it to be Challenging, creative…and FUN!
    Loved your 55
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

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