Saturday Memes..

This Saturday was super packed – a baby shower followed by a first birthday! and all the regular weekend chores and activities.. 
So just the memes for today, and while you are here, do check out the current giveaways on my blog (on the right).
For Six Word Saturday: A working
weekend, shortened weekend, sigh!
These quotes are from the book ‘Last Man in Tower’ by
Aravind Adiga
‘Nothing can stop a living
thing that wants to be free.’
“A man’s past keeps growing, even when his future
has come to a full stop.”
“Inconvenience in progress,
work is regretted.”
“Life is good,” he said. “It
is not perfect, but it is better with money.
 From our trip to the USS Hornet. A sign for the Women’s Powder Room!

10 thoughts on “Saturday Memes..

    1. Brian, enjoy the weekend… 🙂 weekends are normally packed with so many activities and events but we are used to them as part of our weekends and when work gets added on (again I normally end up working on weekends but because I choose to:) but this weekend was because I had to so that made all the difference and brought forth the sigh!

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