Fun Friday – The Fun of Movies, and of meeting challenges…

For My Friday Flash 55: I am trying to get in early this week. This is the start of a four-day weekend for the kids (we have three days too!).. So we are kicking off this weekend for the kids with plans for movies each night (just in case, any day trips planned locally fail to happen).

The Lure of the Silver Screen

Thrillers, comedies, romances too
I love all these; not horrors though.
Tearjerkers tend to bring the crybaby in me
Home audience then loves to watch me, not the movie
Family movies are a big hit always
Mysteries and adventures, we watch some days
We watch an occasional musical;
Documentaries as well.
Now, how about you?

For  Book
: and The Friday 56: From ‘And Then There were None’ by Agatha Christie – this is the ePub version from archive.org. This is one of the books I have in my TBR since it fits many of the challenges I enthusiastically joined earlier this year, and then proceeded to ignore. I have read many books which might/will fit in some of the challenges – currently, my biggest challenge is to complete the reviews for all the books read, match the books already read to the challenges, and finally, link up to the challenges. 
I hope to work on this challenging task soon – over this long weekend hopefully! I finally updated my Challenges page and put in a link to my plans for each challenge (most likely will completely change at the end of the year) here.

For Book Beginnings:

In the corner of a first-class smoking carriage, Mr. Justice Wargrave, lately retired from the bench, puffed at a cigar and ran an interested eye through the political news in the Times.

For Friday 56

They could all hear it – running feet along the terrace.

In that minute, they knew – knew without being told…

As by common accord, they all rose to their feet. They stood looking towards the door.

Dr. Armstrong appeared, his breath coming fast

12 thoughts on “Fun Friday – The Fun of Movies, and of meeting challenges…

  1. Enjoyed the post.
    Even though I write horror I like very few horror films post-60s. I don't see the need for gore or special effects trickery. A well told and shot story chilled better than any effect.

  2. I bought five DVDs this afternoon and am going to have a movie binge fest on the weekend. …am a serious movie buff…love them…find them inspirational for my blog. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. i watch a few….family movies for sure because of the boys…its cool though we are moving into a time when its a bit more story though as they are 9 and 11 and enjoying more than just kids movies….

  4. Lady in Read…YAY!!!!!!
    Thanks for taking my advice, You Rock Baby…
    I always go to the Matinee….FIVE BUCKS.
    Loved your Cinema 55
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Movie Goin Week-End

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