Super Saturday – The Poetics of Art

For Quote It
“Where we love is home,
Home that the feet may leave,
but not our hearts.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes

A four-day weekend for the kids!

Saturday Snapshot  As Alyce takes a break, Saturday Snapshot has a new home
My son’s entry for this year’s PTA Reflections contest – unfortunately, he did not make it to the next level, but he sure did win my heart 🙂  This was displayed at their Open House last week along with other entries.

At dVerse, Brian has us using the wonderful, amazing, running-out-of-superlative-adjectives-to-describe work of Leovi as prompts for this week’s Poetics. So here are my attempts and no matter how much I might try, Leovi’s images are matchless!

First Flight – Parent’s Pride
Wings spread wide
His first flight
Her little one was off in open space
A look of sheer delight on his face
Proud momma – she looked on
Flying above
Wings spread wide

Photo courtesy: Leovi

Looking Out
I stood looking out to sea
The wind blowing on my face
Waves at my feet
Flying hair, billowing skirts
Lost in the sheer thrill of it all
I stood looking out to me

Photo courtesy: Leovi

15 thoughts on “Super Saturday – The Poetics of Art

  1. ah that pic by your son is lovely and i can imagine that he won your heart with it..smiles…lovely work on writing to leovi's pics as well..esp. the first one interlocks nicely with the one of your son…and the second makes me wanna go to the ocean…

  2. smiles…like the proud mama in the first one…it makes me think of wings or an insect in amber…but you should be proud, that is a cool pic your son did as well…i really like the bird in flight….happy sunday to you!

  3. Love the painting of our son ~ And yes, as a mom myself, I can relate to watching those wings flying away ~ Beautiful share and happy Sunday to you ~

  4. These lines stuck with me:

    "Lost in the sheer thrill of it all
    I stood looking out to me"

    I love the repetition with a twist there. Gives a change into perspective for the reader. I really enjoyed this!

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