The Fun of Returning…

I again decided to look to the archives and revive an old post. This one was short and sweet, and I am planning to keep it so. A riddle for you to solve in the form of an attempted poem. I present it in its original form without any updates or edits…

Who Is He?
Spread wings sparkle
Blues, greens, golds blend like a miracle
He is often times called vain
He loves singing – er, dancing – in the rain
Pride of a nation, that he is
Seen in full regalia – pure bliss
A strut in his step, a crown on his head
A cry that you can hear a mile ahead!

~ Vidya Tiru @LadyInReadWrites

Going Back and Forth in Time

[From my original post dated Sept 7, 2013] For dVerse Poets and for G-Man’s Friday Flash 55, after more than 55 days of blogging absence, and a friendly nudge from dVerse’s very own Brian Miller (thank you, Brian!), here is a riddle – well, not really a hard one to guess.. but here it is..  

[Return to the present date in Sept 2021] While I was not away for such a long period as in 2013, I was away longer than I should have been. This time, it was just my own need to return to it.

And as I return to blogging once more, I discover again that blogging is fun; and this feeling has remained the same, then, and now!

And Now, the End of This Post

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