Fun Friday – Kung Fu Panda and Friday Memes

 The Kung Fu Panda movies

King Fu Panda – I love Jack Black and that was one of the main reasons I was ready to watch the first movie (well, that and the fact that my two little ones wanted to watch it too!). In the first movie, we loved Po. The kids enjoyed the antics of Po and the Furious Five. I liked the movie but it did not become an instant favorite. I loved the animation, the scenery was beautiful, and the action scenes were good to watch. In this movie, pudgy Po gets chosen to be the Dragon Warrior (much to the disappointment of the Furious Five) and as the movie progresses with a great many action sequences set in wondrous settings, the Five and the Dragon Warrior slowly become a team.

The voice cast is strong too with Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Seth Rogen, Dustin Hoffman, Jackie Chan and Lucy Liu. I especially loved Po’s goose dad, Mr.Ping voiced by James Hong

Kung Fu Panda 2 – I wondered if I was doing the right thing by going to the theater to watch a Dreamworks sequel (given the past sequels from them), but turned out, I was more than right – Kung Fu Panda 2, is better than the original. The original cast returns in full force (both the animated and the voice cast) and this helps a lot. The addition of the new villain, the evil peacock, Shen (Gary Oldman) is perfect. Lots of hilarious scenes mingle with awesome action sequences and emotional rapport to make this a great watch. The peacock is amazingly animated and the visual scenery – breathtaking. Van Damme also makes an appearance in this movie as Master Croc – loved that character as well. I love how the movie ends with a perfect opening for another sequel in the making – Kung Fu Panda 3?! If it does come, I will be watching it.

Friday Memes 
Book Beginnings on Friday
is a bookish meme sponsored by Katy at A Few More
Pages. Here’s what you do: Share the first line (or
two) of the book you are currently reading on your
blog or in the comments section. Include the title and
author so we know what you’re reading. 

The Friday 56 is a bookish meme
sponsored by Freda’s Voice. It is really easy to participate. Just
grab a book, any book, and turn to page 56. Find a sentence that grabs
you and post it.

For Book Beginnings:  I have the book, ‘Maid to Match’ – I had seen a few good reviews of this on a few blogs as well as on Amazon and the Kindle edition was free at that time so I bought it. I started reading this book a few days ago but then got caught up in reading ‘Cutting for Stone’ which was borrowed from the library so am going to get back to it next week (after ‘American Rust’ which is also a library rental).
Beginnings like this always interest me. Serene and beautiful!

AUGUST 1898 
Like a butterfly breaking free from its confining cocoon, Tillie Reese emerged from the barren, tan-colored servants’ hall into the opulence of Biltmore’s main level. These predawn hours were her favorite. All was dark, no one stirred, and she had the entire floor—easily a half acre in size—all to herself.
Gist, Deeanne (2010-06-01). Maid to Match (p. 11). Baker Academic. Kindle Edition. 

For Friday 56, again from ‘Maid to Match’,
“Please, sir. I’ll take him round back myself. I’ll make sure he doesn’t get into any more trouble.” Mack tucked his shirt into his trousers. “I can fight my own fights…Tillie, is it? You needn’t do it for me.” She seared him with her gaze. “Do not say another word.”Gist, Deeanne (2010-06-01). Maid to Match (p. 56). Baker Academic. Kindle Edition.

7 thoughts on “Fun Friday – Kung Fu Panda and Friday Memes

  1. I think I have Maid to Match on my Kindle.
    As for the Kung Fu Panda movies, I really loved the first one, but the second fell a little flat for me. Won't deter me from watching a third if they make one.

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