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Despicable me: We rented the DVD from Netflix mainly because of Steve Carrel (The Office is one of our favorite shows to catch up on – thanks to OnDemand). We watched the movie as part of our family movie night series in our movie-theatre style darkened living room.
Despicable Me is not in the same league as Disney/Pixar movies but it has a charm of its own. While we adults enjoyed it, the kids loved it.
The hero (villain) of the movie is Gru who wants to prove (partly because his mom never appreciated him) that he is the greatest villain in the world and he wants to establish that by stealing the moon. For that, he needs to use the shrink ray, which is in the hands of his nemesis, newbie-nerdy villain Vector. Vector has one weakness – coco-nutties cookies. Gru knows how to use this weakness. He adopts three girls who can help get through the defenses of Vector’s ultra-modern and secure mansion by selling their cookies, which will contain a batch of Gru’s cookie robots to help steal the shrink ray.  Shrink ray with him, Gru works on his plans to steal the moon and meanwhile, as he spends more time with the girls, he realizes there is more to life than being a villain.  Tea parties with the girls, pink space suits, reading bedtime stories are part of his routine now along with plans for his evil deeds.
Gru’s helpers include Dr. Nefario and the minions. Dr.Nefario is a genius but hard of hearing and thus invents a ‘fart’ gun instead of a dart gun (it works very well too – the kids loved this sceneJ).
Sweet little girls, ‘fart’-gun humor, there-is-good-inside everyone (almost everyone in this movie) ideas blend very well to produce a very pickable movie.
Sleepy Kittens (Despicable Me)Also, the bedtime story – Sleepy Kittens – that Gru reads to the girls in the movie is very sweet and when I googled it, found it on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Sleepy-Kittens-Despicable-Cinco-Paul/dp/031608381X
Gru writes his own bedtime story to read to the girls and that is a sweet read too:
One Big Unicorn, Strong and free
Thought he was as happy as he could be.
Then three little kittens came around
And turned his whole life upside down.
They made him laugh (haha), they made him cry (moan)
He never should have said goodbye.
And now he knows, he could never part

From those three little kittens that changed his heart

And of course,  if you want the fluffy unicorn that Agnes love, you can find that too on Amazon! 

And if you want the moon, like Gru, oh boy..
Well, there it is out in the night-sky for all to enjoy.:)

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