Fun Fridays – Festive Fever!

Festival Fever – as the frenzy of one of the major Indian festivals in fall cools down, I browsed through the photos to pick a few favorites of mine together as a collage from this years Golu at our home. So please have a look and feel free to comment. 
From L to R and Top to Bottom, a quick listing of the photos: Dasha Avatar set; Dora, Boots, SpongeBob take center stage; love never ages; A Samurai stands guard near a temple;sweet love; Hogwarts! (can you see Harry flying on his broom) ; hmm, smart move that; can I serve you more rasam; the Kalasam; Hogwarts countryside; Golu front view; Krishna with Amreekan Gopikas; center stage of my Golu – the couples – marapachi dolls, Indonesian royal dolls and Indonesian thaleyaati bommai, grandpa and grandma sitters, Borobodur temple; Village scene set; My daughter’s Golu; marriage scene; temple golu set; tea set; flowers; another view of my son’s Hogwarts golu scene/model; My son’s Hogwarts model; Japanese doll; rangoli; another view of Hogwarts countryside; My Golu with lights on

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