Super Saturday – Crafts Galore..

As I put away my golu dolls in storage for the year, the kids and I are already making plans for next years golu. My son is planning to make more stuff all by himself (not store brought but home made decor!) for the golu. My daughter is planning a new theme for next year which is likely to change a few times. I hope I can spend some time crafting a few of the following (some I found online and some thanks to mom). Hope you love them too.. Your comments?
A bottle moss terrarium – build it yourself with complete set and instructions from UncommonGoods.com (Image from UncommonGoods.com)
These two are faux-Tanjore paintings made by my mom 

and me about 10 years ago. I know someone locally who actually teaches Tanjore painting and hopefully will be able to learn and have a painting ready by next golu.Will have better photos of these paintings soon.
Images – photos by me

A Bharatnatyam dancer canvas bag from afday.com (wonderful site I found through one of my favorite blogs to visit (onceuponateatime.blogspot.com) – Image courtesy -Afday.com

4 thoughts on “Super Saturday – Crafts Galore..

  1. We are making plans too, and there are so many ideas that we have yet to decide what and how exactly we are going to go ahead! It's fun though. and something we look forward too.. btw, loved ur golu pics… and u ppl are luckier in the sense u get all those landscape materials… we dont get any of those in india, and when we do, they are too expensive for use just once a year 🙁

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