Fun Fridays – the Fun of Being a Year Older – at seven

For Friday Flash 55

Friday has gone by in a blur
The beginning of the day now seems so far
Yet another day has begun
And my little girl is now seven!
What began with making a baked treat
Ended with friends and family sharing a feast.
A celebration, a rehearsal, all were done
Overall- a day of fun!

Both excerpts today  for Book
: and The Friday 56  are from  ‘Never Look a Polar Bear in the Eye’ by Zac Unger (Never Look a Polar Bear in the Eye: A Family Field Trip to the Arctic’s Edge in Search of Adventure, Truth, and Mini-Marshmallows)

For Book

‘On January 24, 2004, in the frigid moonscape of an Arctic winter, wildlife biologist Steven Amrstrup rode shotgun in a helicopter flying low over the ice.’

For The Friday 56 :
‘ROBERT ROCKWELL ALMOST LOOKS CHERUB, if you can imagine a cherub with a sunburn, a goatee, and incipient jowls. He is surrounded by a bubble of gusto and good humor that can’t be dissipated,despite bad weather, long hours, and cramped living conditions.’

3 thoughts on “Fun Fridays – the Fun of Being a Year Older – at seven

  1. I remember when my little girl was seven. Or was it six….the years fly by and the girl becomes a woman and the woman becomes her mother. And the mother….

    thanks for sharing the day!

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