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Treasure Trove Thursday – The Treasure That is Memories

For dVerse Poets Meeting the Bar prompt – Mining the Memory with Victoria and for Alphabe Thursday‘s letter L(love) as well as Theme Thursday‘s prompt – secrets

My First Sharer of Secrets
A light drizzle softened the heat
as we walked across the street
I recall this scene right down to a T
as if it was playing in front of me on the TV
Across the rain-dropped street we walked –
a three-year old me clinging still, as he held
my hand –  my dear
uncle.  We walked together
forward still, and soon I found myself next to mother.
It was a hospital room, my mom soon relegated
 to the background, while
I looked down, elated,
and in total awe into a cradle,
For the first glimpse of this tiny human male
All bundled up,  looking up at me
Peering at me as if he knew me already,
As if he knew all the secrets of my three- year- old self
I knew I fell in LOVE with him at that moment itself
And I still do – my little baby brother , who troubles me no
Still my baby brother and,  also, my friend.
(Yes, we do share a few secrets, like all good friends do;
Now our little girls – cousins and BFFs – share secrets too!)
For Thursday 13, here are thirteen things I want to do with my little girl before she turns thirteen (well, way before that since I still recall the day she came to the world and tomorrow she turns seven already! – some I have done already but would definitely want to do them again,and maybe regularly):
1. A mommy and me date with her to her favorite place for a treat – Yogurtland 🙂
2. Cook together – she loves helping me so I do want to plan a  whole meal with her and then cook with her
3. Bake with her – almost the same as above, yet different and she always wants to bake cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and more
4. Craft time with her – She has lots of creative ideas and I would like to let her plan an afternoon of crafts for the two of us
5. Dance with her – Either turn on our favorite music and dance to it as we like, or maybe turn on Wii Dance and dance with the Wii,or join a dance class together
6. Read with her – We love taking turns reading from books – sometimes we just read facing pages, other times, when there are enough dialogs to warrant that,we pick specific characters we like and read out their parts while,of course, I read anything that is not read by any character:)
7. Painting – not the house (though she will love that) but posters,paintings,cups, and more
8. Go to a movie together – a totally girly, princessy, maybe not too much since her favorite shows are not too princessy at all
9. Family Game Night – with games of her choice – normally, we end up playing games which everyone can enjoy but not necessarily her favorites (maybe, have a rotation schedule where she gets to pick the games every other week)
10. Girl’s Night Out with her- dress-up and eat out- again just the two of us:)
11. Set up a sweet shop (kind of like a lemonade stand) and she has posters ready for them already:)
12. Pick a language (that I would love her to learn/ or me to learn) and have conversations with her all day long in that language (Languages I would choose and in the order specified – other than English – Tamil (what I grew up speaking at home), Hindi (the national language of India), Spanish (she is learning a little of it at her afterschool), Kannada (the language spoken in Karnataka, where Bangalore is,in southern India), and French (which she would love to learn as would I) -This one is definitely a before 13 goal!
13. Laugh with her – my mom and I had a sort of a mom-daughter laughter club – an impromptu one – and we would find ourselves laughing ourselves silly till our tummies hurt and the males in our family (that is,dad and brother) would pretend not to recognize us (even in our own house) – two ladies who have decidedly lost a few screws up in their heads!!:) – I would love to start this wacky tradition with my daughter and I know she will love it!!And there are so many more things I would love to do with her – go to a play, a museum, a walk just around the neighborhood, plan and have a tea party with her (again), and much much more,like explore theme parks with her – at least one – mostly Disneyland. .

13 thoughts on “Treasure Trove Thursday – The Treasure That is Memories

  1. smiles…very cool memory…the excitement of seeing your new baby brother probably cemented that moment in your mind…i dont really remember my sister as i was only 2 but i do remember going to see my brother who is 5 years younger than me…

  2. I love your story of how you fell in love with your brother. During the time of my birth and that of my brothers and sisters we were not allowed in the hospitals. Even when my daughters were born they were not allowed. It is a good thing that times have changed. Although hospitals are not the best places to visit they do have their good things about them such as in your story.

    I love all the things you want to do with your daughter. I can still remember the times I went to Disneyland with my daughters and the fun we had. And having been there way back when it had only been open for a few years is still something I remember.

    But the thing for your daughter and you to do that seemed to stand out the most for me was for the two of you to take Dancing classes together. I remember taking Tap Dancing classes with my older sister and I was only four years old at the time but I still remember the fun we had. It was only for a little while but I still remember it. Can you imagine the memories she will have of the two of you doing this since she is older and if it is video taped then the memories stay there longer. I have been taking one of my grandsons to Karate classes since he was six and he seems to always treasure that time with me and him. It is his special Grandma time that we still are doing. Your daughter is very blessed to have you wanting to do so much with her. Just time together to have great memories that will last a lifetime.

    Thank you so much for sharing your first memory of your brother with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend making many memories with your daughter.

    God bless.

  3. Such a sweet poem about your brother! It's so wonderful to have siblings to share with! I hope you get to do all the things on your Thursday 13. What wonderful memories you will create for your daughter like you have with your mother!

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