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Today Samuel invites us to try our hand at the Ghazal. Do read more about the form and the rules of writing this beautiful form from Persia over at dVerse. I grew up listening to Ghazals in Hindi and Urdu as a child and they are definitely some of the most beautiful writing I have heard (just recited or as songs)
I have tried to follow all the rules.. and here is my Ghazal: 
A Message for you, my dear
I send this across oceans and seas, dear.
The sweet message my heart wants to cry, dear.
Laughter, tears, fears all mixed together.
Potpourri  of feelings
for you, my dear.
Can you see the bright smiles on my face for you?
Find them in the rainbow in the sky, dear!
Do you hear my heart saying sweet nothings?
Listen to the breeze through the trees sigh, dear.
Does absence make the heart grow fonder, dear?
Yearn to be with you, not to say bye, dear.
And I have included my name in the last line (or something similar – my name is Vidya and I used ‘with you’) 
For Friday Flash 55
What happens when you don’t move the whole day long?
What happens when you are glued to the screen for
what seems like forever?
Well, your mind comes unglued, for one
It starts moving (your mind, I mean) of its own
accord elsewhere
Soon you are neither here nor there!
Thank god it is Friday!

As a note to the poem above, today has been an exceptionally long day at work. Stayed in front of the computer literally the whole day 🙂 and now the kids have their own version of being glued to a screen – the TV screen.. a long weekend for this week with Monday being a Staff Training day at their school.

Friday, February 1, 2013
For NaBloPoMo: When was the last time you said, “I love you.”?
Today… 🙂

My Friday 56, Book Beginnings, and Five Minute Friday as well as my Fun Friday post will come in later..:)

For Five Minute Friday: – the prompt this week is Afraid:

What am I afraid of? I am not sure if I have a list for this
– considering I love making lists. I guess I did not want to – subconsciously –so
this thought never occurred to me. Making a list of my fears – would it make me
feel very weak, expose me to how vulnerable I really might be, or maybe is it a
good thing to write down somewhere so I can work on conquering my fears one by
one – checking each one off until there are none? That sounds good!! As I write
it itself, it does sound good… so let me make a list, or at least begin to:
I am afraid of going down steep surfaces – I fear I will
fall as I go down a hill (up hill does not scare me much though I might get
breathless with the effort but downhill has stopped me in my tracks – literally
– where I did not move at all – a couple of times)..
I am afraid of fearing itself and I truly believe in this
The greatest fear is the fear of fear itself…
And I am sure there are other things I fear, I know there is
more but it is time to stop:)

Both excerpts today  for Book
: and The Friday 56  are from ‘The Traveling Restaurant’ by Barbara Else:

‘Jasper wanted something good to happen on his birthday, but he didn’t hold out much hope. His parents were too busy to buy presents.’

Pg 56 for The Friday 56
‘It would take a very large page indeed to draw how high the waves became. It would need pots of blackest paint to show how dark those waves were, how dark the clouds.’


12 thoughts on “Fun Fridays – The Fun of Fridays…

  1. nice…love your ghazal…it has a nice longing and playfulness to it…finding the bright smiles in the rainbows is really cool…

    and your 55…ha something we battle all day with our boys…we dont let them get away with it though…

  2. Lady in Read…
    The Boob Tube is mesmerising!
    Thanks for this separate little ditty…:-)
    Loved your TGIF 55
    I love a story with an underlying message.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  3. I enjoyed this ghazal very much! It flowed like lyrics to a song, which I would guess is how you heard it in your poet's heart. The question-answer couplets at the heart of the series is amazingly effective, and the doubled refrain at the end, echoing the beginning makes everything come full circle.

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