Treasure Trove Thursday – some memes today:)

For Alphabe Thursday‘s letter K and Theme Thursday‘s prompt ‘Chocolate’ (yumm), here it is:
 My Chocolate Heaven
Chocolate covered lips
Smother me with kisses
as they go from cheek to cheek
Chocolate lavish hands
Envelop me with kindness
In a chocolatey
I am in chocolate heaven!
Thanks to the hugs and kisses
From my little
For NaBloPoMo:
What will you do to energize yourself for 2013?
Exercise more and sleep better..:)
Have started on the exercise part of this but not the sleep
better yet.

9 thoughts on “Treasure Trove Thursday – some memes today:)

  1. I love the hugs and kisses from the wee wittle ones, nothing compares to the feelings of wanting to protect them and love them as much as one can possibly do. But to add a little or a lot of chocolate into the mixture, well that is just heavenly bliss. And your poem really does take your imagination on a wonderful chocolaty ride.

    Thanks for sharing this experience with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. May you receive many, many chocolate smooches this weekend.

    God bless.

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