Fun Fridays – The Fun of Opportunities

Opportunity – Opportunities are everywhere – all kinds of them, in fact.  When I hear this word, the first thing that I remember is the quote that opportunity never knocks twice. Well, maybe it does not, but then pretty soon, the next one comes along so instead of feeling regrets on the one we missed, we can first grab the next one.
This does not just seem opportunities to do something big in life, something that will push us into the limelight. This also includes the small ones – the one where you are given a chance to participate more in your child’s life by maybe volunteering in their school; grabbing the chance of an olive leaf from your loved ones after an argument (do not hold onto the grudge at that time but go ahead and smile); the chance to create a work of art – not the ones hanging in museums – but something just for your own pleasure.
Opportunities are everywhere and everyone gets their fair share. We just need to remember that we need to put in efforts once we grab it. That reminds me of another quote I love about opportunity – Opportunity is dressed in overalls and looks like work (because it is! But it is fun).
And I am almost at my five minute mark when the word ‘fun’ reminded me of Dr.Seuss and these words from him – “If you never did, you should. These things are fun and fun is good”.
So, go ahead and do it!
For NaBloPoMo’s prompt of the day and for Friday Flash 55
At what time of day do you feel the most energetic and productive?
Energy levels used to run high
At pre-dawn hours pre-marriage
Then hubby dear entered life
‘Early bird me’ cocooned
Out emerged a late night owl
Years passed, today is another day
I still am most productive
In the quiet hours of dawn
But energy levels are then nil
As I am snuggled in bed still
Both excerpts today  for Book Beginnings: and The Friday 56 are from ‘White Fang’ by Jack London and both of them a little more than two sentences this time because I could not stop:)
‘Dark spruce forest frowned on either side the frozen waterway. The trees had been stripped by a recent wind of their white covering of frost, and they seemed to lean towards each other, black and ominous, in the fading light. A vast silence reigned over the land. The land itself was a desolation, lifeless, without movement, so lone and cold that the spirit of it was not even that of sadness. There was a hint in it of laughter, but of a laughter more terrible than any sadness – a laughter that was mirthless as the smile of the sphinx, a laughter cold as the frost and partaking of the grimness of infallibility. It was the masterful and incommunicable wisdom of
eternity laughing at the futility of life and the effort of life.’
He was still standing, stupid and bewildered, the memories forgotten, wondering what it was all about, when Kiche attacked him a third time, intent on driving him away altogether from the vicinity. And White Fang allowed himself to be driven away. This was a female of his kind, and it was a law of his kind that the males must not fight the females. He did not know anything about this law, for it was no generalisation of the mind, not a something acquired by experience of the world. He knew it as a secret prompting, as an urge of instinct – of the same instinct that made him howl at the moon and stars of nights, and that made him fear death and the unknown.

9 thoughts on “Fun Fridays – The Fun of Opportunities

  1. Yeah! I like your writing on opportunity! I like being reminded of the "simple" non-limelight opportunites that is such a great reminder! Fun quotes! I never heard the one about "being dressed in overalls" but I like it…soooo true! Hope you had a fabulous Friday!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. As farmers, we find those "murders" so annoying. I loved reading your snippet. Sounds like a great book and the writing is very descriptive. Instincts and gut feelings can be so powerful. Wishing you JOY this new year, Lady In Read!

  3. I have noticed a couple of those “overall”opportunities lately, but have been afraid to grasp onto them. Thank you for reminding me that I should look at them with new eyes.

    Quite powerful imagery in your Book Beginnings.

    Simply put, I like your blog and am taking this opportunity to be a new follower 🙂

  4. Beautiful words and I love the quote:
    “If you never did, you should. These things are fun and fun is good”.

    If we don't take God's opportunities – we won't move forward. We do need to listen to Him but making the step is up to us.

    This is my year to LIVE – boldly.

    Linking in from Lisa Jo.

  5. Lady in Read…
    Every family has a fashionably late member,
    You are mine I guess.
    Loved your snuggly 55 My Dear
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End
    Keep playing in spite of my ascerbic tongue OK?…:P:P:P

  6. … Well, I can get up really early when I'm on vacation as I want to explore (drives my family crazy) but during the ordinary week… I'd rather stay up late and wake up late) Cute 55 🙂

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