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Treasure Trove Thursday – Hiking Trails, Tips, Memes

My Thursday theme is now Treasure Trove Thursday. So what will I draw out of my treasure trove each Thursday? It may be totally useful(or not!) tips, travel highlights, trivia, or just about anything a virtual treasure trove can hold.

Today, I have my usual contributions to Thursday memes that I participate in, as well as some tips to get rid of ants in the house that seem to invade the kitchen every time you turn around, as well as one wonderful hiking trail in the San Francisco Bay area – a local favorite – the Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve.

For NaBloPoMo, where the prompt today is:

What is your favorite way to recharge when you feel drained of energy?
Currently, I am on a major sleep debit. So, my favorite way would be to sleep but since I cannot do that any time I want, my energizers are the following in lune form for dVerse:-(written in the Collum – 3-5-3 form)
Ways to recharge
Let me list the ways
That energize me
My kids’ smiles
Dancing across the kitchen floor
Music in background.
Walks energize me
When done with family, friends.
or sometimes alone.
And, yes, sugar!
How could i forget that? 
desserts, chocolates, more..
Last not least
A hot cup of tea
Black, green, herbal.
For Alphabe Thursday letter G, Theme Thursday(Again) and dVerse (Form for All: La Lune – written in the Collum – 3-5-3 form)
Goals, Resolutions – Again?
That time again
to set new year resolutions
should I try?
Past years show
Lists of unmet goals, should
I try again?
Hope is eternal
So here I am again
With goals, resolutions
Thirteen ways I discovered to get rid of ants – I have not tried them out yet, just found out that they are tried and tested by others – I am going to pick a couple and see which works over the next few days
  1. Clean up
  2. Spray white vinegar on counter-tops and wipe clean
  3. Spray a mix of lime juice and water and wipe clean
  4. Sprinkle cinnamon /place cloves at entry ways for the ants
  5. Cayenne pepper does the trick too in keeping them away, apparently
  6. Spray Liquid dish soap spray and wipe clean
  7. Sugar and borax mix – a slightly messy solution but proven to work
  8. Diatomaceous Earth – this works too, according to the many places I checked
  9. Cornmeal – the ants cannot digest it and it is safe to use around kid/pets
  10. Vaseline – to barricade at entry points – temporary fix before using a more permanent seal
  11. Salt – works as a barrier
  12. Chalk – just draw lines with chalk at entry points.
  13. Coffee grounds – a little messy afterwards to clean up later but works according to couple of web resources.
Travel Spotlight: 
Rancho San AntonioRancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve. – Lush greenery everywhere your eyes can see, lots of options for hiking and beautiful views of the bay area. In addition to this, the preserve also offers abundant wildlife viewing, easy accessibility, and restrooms too! Parking can be a little difficult on weekends so arrive early if you plan to hike.Rancho San AntonioWe have been there a few times with the kids and we all enjoy being out there in the hills, watching the deer, looking out for horses that people have brought for a ride (we see the trailers parked in the parking lot), and just walking around the various trails. We also enjoy watching airplane enthusiasts fly their model airplanes – it is lots of fun and we plan to do it ourselves soon. Our last visit there found us gazing at deer, at least half-a-dozen model planes, and an almost empty parking lot (it had been raining the night before).
Rancho San Antonio
The preserve also has picnic areas and a farm (we have been there years ago but not recently). The PG&E trail in the park is something we have heard about from many of our friends who hike regularly but we have only explored part of it since we have been there with the kids. We do plan to do this trail fully someday soon – one other goal for this year for me, maybe, on one of those solitary energizing walks that I sometimes need!!

Rancho San Antonio

This is a 5-star place for all to explore, whether you plan to hike, bike, or just relax…

Rancho San Antonio


11 thoughts on “Treasure Trove Thursday – Hiking Trails, Tips, Memes

  1. ha the dancing and the kids smiles…i like those much…they would def re-energizer me….some fun play on the form…and nice tips on the ants…we have tried quite a few of them…

  2. Loving your G poem. I like the term "goals" better than resolutions because to me, the word "resolutions" always seems like something made in January, rather than something to strive for throughout your life.

  3. I cannot remember any resolutions that I have ever kept. I think I stopped making them almost 40 years ago. Ah, I think that was the resolution I did keep and that was to stop making them.

    As to the ants, I have recently tried the borax and sugar (I used honey, put it into a liquid storage container because it made a lot. I soaked some cotton balls into the mixture and put the cotton balls where ever I saw the ants. They attacked the cotton balls like ants to honey. I had to keep checking the cotton balls to see if they were working. It took a couple of days of them eating on the cotton balls (if they dried up, I put new ones out) and then they just seemed to be gone. I still had a few stragglers for about a week and now they are gone. I saved the mixture in the bottle for in case they come back. I guess they did keep eating each other and sharing the poison. I hear the cornmeal works but I am not sure if they share the cornmeal with any other ants, or if only one ant get bloated and explodes.

    Oh and they do not like baby powder or any powder and will rarely cross the lines.

    Truly lots of memes and always glad when you share you Theme Thursday with us.
    Have a wonderfully blessed weekend.

    God bless.

  4. Ah.

    I love the saying "Hope is eternal" in regards to New Years resolutions!

    What a grand post for the letter "G".

    I loved how diverse your subjects were!


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