Fun Fridays – Just Dance 2 (Nintendo Wii)

When I saw this Wii game, I knew this was going to be Santa’s gift to me this year. The kids too love it. My 8 year old wins the crown everytime and so he loves competing with mom to win which means more exercise for all.
The selection of songs is great and it even includes a Bollywood song – a pleasant surprise for me. The different options of playing this game add to the fun. When I am by myself, I choose the ‘Just Sweat’ option to get my exercise. With the kids, the option we choose is ‘Just Dance’  or ‘Dance Battle’ and we have chosen all the different modes there:
Classic – This is like the Just Dance mode
Simon Says – Like the popular game, players have to do what Simon Says – stop dancing, clap your hands etc – and doing it correctly means more points.
Medley – Players dance to a medley of five song samples
Duet – Like classic mode but has Duet Songs
Race to the end – To win, players have to dance till their score card is filled up.
All in all – this is the funnest way to exercise by myself that I have found so far and the funnest way to get the whole family to dance to one tune.

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