Fun Fridays – Life of Pi – Book vs Movie

Life of Pi – Book vs movie
To put it in one sentence – I liked the movie – maybe even a lot, and I looooved the book.
The book – To be honest, the book is a memory now, having read it a couple of years ago now but I do remember enjoying reading it and the feeling I had when I turned the last page.
In fact, I reviewed this book on my blog here – this was the first book review on my blog, and the second post :). These memories of reading the book continue to make the book and the author appear on many top ten lists on my blog – a quick search on my blog for ‘Life of Pi’ will show you that.  The visuals I made up in my head as I read the book left me wonder-struck – Yann Martel’s vivid descriptions of the beauty of nature – real and imagined – are so detailed and, well, vivid, that it was not hard to come up with images as we read. This also meant that the darker, gorier aspects of the book were also described and imagined as vividly.
The movie – My son and I went to watch the 2D version of the movie – 3D versions of earlier non-animated movies disappointed and I did not want to face that sense of disappointment again. But ‘Life of Pi’ is a  movie has stunning visuals – so much so that I want to go back and watch it in 3d again – because I know now that it will be awesome to watch it in 3D.
My son was so intent on watching the movie that he did not relish any comments from me during the entire time 🙂 ! PG still meant that while my ten year old son who loves Rick Riordian watched and enjoyed the movie, I am sure my six year old (who did not watch it) will not love it as much – the hint of darkness and gore (kept to a minimum when compared to the
book), and just watching Pi and Richard Parker alone in the middle of nowhere might have kept her wondering when we could go home though the meerkats would have thrilled her!
Stunning visuals, a couple of deviations from the book (like a love interest for the teenage Pi), an attempt to keep the dark side and gore of the book to a minimum (this was maybe to keep the PG rating of the movie), wonderful acting by each and every character (including the animals), and once again STUNNING VISUALS make this movie a must-watch.
The book – A+ (will reread)
The movie – A+ (will rewatch)

Friday Flash 55

My son’s band performance last night
Practiced one last time, asked me, “Did it sound right?
Hope it won’t be embarrassing.
It is not the same like when we all sing. “
Me – “Nothing to worry about here                                      
However it sounds, the experience will be dear”
The kids were great
The concert a hit!

For Five Minute Friday: – the prompt this week is Again

“Once again, are you sure?”, is a question I seem to ask my little ones often in most things – do they really want to hear the same story, listen to the same song, play the same game, eat the same PBJ for lunch, and so on and so
forth? And the answer, invariably, is a resounding Yes!
I wonder how they can do whatever it is again but then I pause, I do other things all over again and would do many more if I could again as well (reading some of favorite books, watching some movies, dancing to the same song on Wii Just Dance or other dance tunes, cooking the same dish just because it is easy or I know it will turn out well) – and in that pause, I know it is OK, it is doable to do that thing again. So here I am reading the same story to them, singing the same lullaby to them (they still love hearing me sing as they go to sleep), packing the same lunches for them week after week, and playing the same games with them (board games or other).

For  NaBloPoMo’s prompt of the day:
How long do you think you could last in a power outage?
Oh, not sure. I am guessing if I don’t have to work, then a couple of weeks..and this is with making sure I have enough supplies to keep us all fed, clean (at least a little), and warm! I am not sure how it will be in a world which is portrayed in the TV show I got addicted to last fall – ‘Revolution’.

Both excerpts today  for Book Beginnings: and The Friday 56  are from Love and Leftovers – Sarah Tregay – my first novel in verse and I have to say, I am totally enjoying it.

Book Beginnings:

My Family’s Summerhouse

My mother
doesn’t understand
that this is a summerhouse
(meant to be lived in
only during the summer).

It is almost Labor Day.

Pg 56 for The Friday 56

I Don’t Have a Dress to Wear

So I ask Mom to take me to the mall in

“Even better”, she says, and plans a
day trip into Boston.

I imagine Filene’s Basement
overflowing with satin gowns
and strapless velvet dresses.

6 thoughts on “Fun Fridays – Life of Pi – Book vs Movie

  1. Came over via FMF! Our kiddos also love the same, same, same! I have so many versions of the 3 Little Pigs I could rival the length of War and Peace if I were to publish them all. Have a blessed weekend!

  2. I really need to get The Life of Pi read soon, because I want to see the movie too, but I don't want to see the movie first. Glad to hear that neither were a disappointment for you. Thanks for stopping by my Friday post and have a great weekend.

  3. I've always found it immensely sad when the content of a book is edited (diluted) to retain a rating, rather than remaining true to the content, theme, and action of what the eventual movie is based upon. But then I've never watched a movie that compared to its book with the exception of Prince of Tides, which few now remember or saw. I am glad to see that neither book or movie here were a disappointment to you.

    I love the idea of a summer house that is meant to only be lived in during summer. Most never get the concept, understand the difference. Oh, and band performances by school children can never be a disappointment. Cheers!

  4. Lady in Read…
    Loved your 55 My Friend!
    Sorry about responding so late but I was outta town.
    Fantastic job of participating in all the prompts.
    It's fun isn't it?
    Have a Kick Ass Week…..G

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