Treasure Trove Thursday – Thursday Memes

For NaBloPoMo: What is your favorite thing to do when you lose energy in your home and
can’t use electronics?

No power and it is daylight – board games for the family or
read books or take a hike.
No power and it is nighttime – light a candle and tell
stories or if weather permits sit in the backyard and watch the stars or when I
was younger, played antakshari
For Alphabe Thursday, the letter J –  Joined Hands (this is a photo from my brother’s wedding)
Paani Grahanam – Joining the bride and groom in wedlock:
The priest addresses the bride and says: “For good fortune I join your hands so that you may attain old age in the company of your husband.”
The groom taking the hand of the bride says: “The Devas have offered you to me in order that I may live the life of a Grihasta. We shall not part from each other even when we grow old.”
Theme Thursday – Rhythm – Rhythm is everywhere – within us and around us. 
a crying child
enveloped in mother’s arms
listens to a familiar rhythm –
mom’s heartbeat
and calms down  
a bored me
a song plays somewhere
with lively beats 
my feet start moving
in sync with the song
be it Bollywood, Waltz
or the Macarena.
percussion sounds 
in the kitchen
accompanied with the 
sounds of piano, violin,
song and dance
all join together
in a family rhythm
raindrops fall on the roof
hit the windowpanes
in perfect cadence
the rhythm of the falling rain
in harmony with
the song birds and the toads outside
For dVerse Meeting the Bar, we are discussing creativity today – muse/flow/creative u-turns/ideas/science of creativity.
I tell my little ones
Not to be distracted
While my mind jumps from thought to thought
All crowding and battling to make themselves heard
Hoping I will put pen to paper
Or rather fingers to keyboard
And set them free
But “Oh no!”, the thoughts think
“She remembered something else she has to do”
They stay waiting and then fade into
Black holes that seem to exist in the brain
Missing thoughts like the missing sock
From a load of laundry that waits as well
As I go to rest, to sleep in bed
These thoughts magically reappear
They say, “She is at rest, now she will set us free
But, I decide my bed is way too cozy”
Distractions, unscheduled workloads, and lack of sleep too
All make these creative u-turns into a daily occurrence
But all is not lost, I do know
The u-turn I took was just a minor one
I can go back to where I was very soon
Just need some happiness, some calm,
Some rest, and a challenge
My mind will search, latch on to one of those thoughts –
To the tiny bud of an idea waiting to grow
Then the juices just seem to flow
Happiness does play a key role
Learning helps too while
research  is magical
the more I read, I more I can do
A smile, a rainbow, a walk outside
A pearl of wisdom that the little uns’ said
Of course, the prompts here , there
On memes everywhere,
That slit of sunshine where the dust bunnies live
All these make my creativity jive.

20 thoughts on “Treasure Trove Thursday – Thursday Memes

  1. I like the holding of hands at a wedding to go into old age. Great things you choose to do on days or nights without power. We get so used to it until we lose it. I like the "cadence of rain" for rhythm; it is so soothing to hear it in the evenings lulling one to sleep 🙂

    may the weekend be a good one!


  2. Lots to think about it's clear…that shut eye is so important..a rhythm in our day to day lives…but I can't talk as I'm up all hours…I enjoyed all your above meme entries..every day I find more to partake of when it comes to poetry…your blog is very organized and informative 😉

  3. Love the way you described the creative process here.

    My mind will search, latch on to one of those thoughts –
    To the tiny bud of an idea waiting to grow
    Then the juices just seem to flow

    So true…and one feels SO good when that happens!! No greater joy.

  4. Rightly so! So long as one is in control and deciding rationally. But one thing that I agree, ideas come in fleeting moments. If we miss it the first time it's gone. Carry a small note book works apparently!


  5. I had a long comment and blogger said they made an error and erased it all. It was about how great your poem was and how much I love Bollywood but rarely get to see it here.

    Anyway thanks so much for sharing this with us and I hope you are having a great weekend.

    God bless.

    PS…I am so depressed at blogger losing my comment.

  6. Those wedding vows were really lovely and jubilant!

    I love (and am a bit envious of) your energy!

    Some of these other memes look quite intriquing!

    Ah. Someday I will have time and energy to participate in more.

    In the meantime, I will simply thank you for linking to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "J".


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