Fun Fridays – a list of fun places to visit on the www

For my first Fun Friday feature ‘fter forever (failed alliteration!), I decided to come up with a list of my favorite fun places to visit on the world wide web! Since school is in session for the kids, our next vacation plans are not before November which means all my traveling for the next couple of months has to be done online so I might as well have a laugh or two while at it. So here goes, just a randomly ordered list of some of my favorite fun places to visit:
(and it is almost Saturday, everywhere else in the world, already Saturday – but anyways!)
http://www.theonion.com/ – Well, if you have not heard about it before, you should click on it now and check it out! If you know it, you know why it is on my list..
http://www.fakingnews.com/ – theonion Indian ishtyle and vastly entertaining…
http://maami.wordpress.com/ – I love maami! She is supercool and writes intelligent posts with her own brand of humor. My only regret – the posts stopped in 2010 (not sure if she has changed her online address)
http://krishashok.wordpress.com – Discovered this today and am going to spend time here reading the posts. Enjoy with a cup of Madras coffee.
http://neoindian.org/ -As our families back in India hope that we do what Neo did (return back to India) and as we ponder over the same every now and then while still here in the US, I plan to enjoy neoindian!

http://amreekandesi.com – The desi in Amreeka and the Amreekan returned desi will both relate to the posts here. His idea of hell – televisions showing Rakhi Sawant and Arnab Goswami – On loop! 
http://curiouspages.blogspot.com – I love reading, anything, anytime, anywhere, and a lot! So when I found this blog, I fell in love with it. Totally appropriate list of inappropriate books for the kids..- not sure what I am talking about, check it out.. again, only sad thing – it is not being updated now.
http://www.mommyconfessions.com/ – Love reading this one – can relate to her confessions so often (am glad someone else is doing the confessing for me!)
http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/– great cartoons! great reads! bound to bring a smile, a laugh, and one more laugh and so on…
http://unsatisfied-customer.blogspot.com/ – I also firmly
believe in the power of feedback,like Derek of this blog. I have, however,
decided after reading his blog, that the power of feedback with a
“pinch” of humor  might be
I have more favorites but that is for another time, another list (one other blog that brings a smile to my face is the one my son writes – his style of writing far surpasses mine, I am glad to say and super-engages the reader in an instant!)

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