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Magic Mondays – Teatime

Fancy Nancy Tea  Parties: This book is such a favorite we  have already had a Fancy Nancy themed tea party at home which proved to be a big hit with all of my 5-year-old daughter’s friends.. They are now clamoring for their own tea parties. As we practice French words and say darling to each other while we eat with our pinky finger up (my daughter does not forget to remind us on a daily basis about this!), we plan on how our next tea party should be.
The book contains simple and wonderful ideas for various tea party themes. It contains recipes which the 5-year-old can help you with, décor ideas where the whole family can join in, and games and fun for all. As always, awesomeness is the word for the illustrations and the vocabulary lessons this book imparts.
My daughter’s comments: What fun! Can we have lots of tea parties?
My comments: This book is like the biscuit that is vital for chai-time. Note that this is not a book with a story line unlike other Fancy Nancy books. This book is a delightful bouquet of ideas for a stupendous (fancy for great) tea party.
My Little Pony: The World’s Biggest Tea Party
My Little Pony and a tea party – a great combination for any little girl. I remember watching ‘My Little Pony’  on TV when I was so little a long, long time ago and the memories are sweet. Now I am recreating some of those by reading these books with my daughter.
The book is perfect for reading together. The values of friendship, working together, and how friends help each other out when in a tight spot are shown in this book. The book also teaches you how work can be fun too! (wouldn’t that be helpful when chore time came around).
My daughter’s comments: I love the ponies, the biggest teapot in the whole wide world and want to have one just like that.
My thoughts: the book is tea-riffic (in the words of Strawberry Swirl)Here are some pictures from our very own tea party (all ideas from the Fancy Nancy book) and the evite I had sent out as well:

Image of girls having tea and poem courtesy (Kate Greenaway) from:
I mixed and matched the words from a couple of tea poems:
Who wouldn’t like to drink afternoon tea
Out in the garden just like these three?
With the song of a bird, and the hum of a bee,
And the sun-flowers looking all eyers to see.
Wear your finest dress and your mother’s pearls
We’re having a tea party just for the girls.
And while we are on the subject of tea: one of my daughter’s (and now, also mine) favorite songs – Getting to Know You – from The King and I.
The two books reviewed go toward the Picture Book Challenge

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