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Fun Fridays – Tangled

The wonder of Disney, the beauty of art, the wonderful characters, and the glow of a thousand floating lanterns – this is the magic of Tangled.
This is a modern take on the traditional fairy tale and the result is Disney princess magic with a freshness to it. The music is catchy and the witty, fast-paced movie keeps you in your seat throughout.
My 8-year-old son was skeptical about seeing the movie but his eyes stayed glued to the screen all through the movie and he was thrilled that the movie was so funny. My 4-year-old daughter’s favorite part of the movie – when she got back home and was reunited with her parents. Yeah, that surprised me too and brought a smile to my face – I was thinking it would have been Rapunzel’s lovely, glowing, golden, 70 feet long hair or the beautiful braid the little girls work on for Rapunzel complete with flowers (see, my daughter loves long hair and loves getting her hair braided – she has refused to have her hair cut for so long now!).
The handsome thief finds Rapunzel’s tower in the middle of nowhere and decides it is the best place to hide from the palace guards. (Spoiler maybe: he never uses Rapunzel’s hair to climb into or out the tower at all). Flynn aka  Eugene never realizes that a princess (though she and he do not know it until later) with a frying pan (and it is an effective and well-used weapon in this movie) is waiting for him at the other end. When he reluctantly agrees to escort her to see the outside world, they are in for wonderful adventures and in the company of the adorable Pascal (the lizard), the snotty horse Maximus, the thugs with hidden dreams in their golden hearts, and of course, Mother Gothel, ‘Tangled’ entangles audiences of all ages in its magic.

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