Travel Thursdays – Picchetti Winery – Bay Area, CA

Picchetti winery: Where can you find peacocks, hiking trails, wines, picnic areas all together in one place in the Silicon Valley? At Picchetti Winery. It is a beautiful property of rustic barns and a cozy wine tasting room in a setting of rolling green hills and beautiful picnic areas. There are also peacocks keeping watch over the lawns and the picnic areas. This is a part of the Picchetti Ranch Open Space Preserve. 

They have awe-inspiring, scenic hiking trails here that you can go with your family. The Orchard Loop Trail was easily managed by my 8 year old son. Even my 5 year old daughter handled this trail well. They both loved the view of the bay area from up above the hills and the Stevens Creek Reservoir looks great.    We think we saw a fox when we started out on our hike. Unfortunately, it was way too fast for my camera but I think I captured something.
Fox paw prints? Possibly.. at least the kids wanted to think it was a fox we saw..

There is a wonderful vista point (to reach it, you need to take the Vista Point trail, which is a short trail that leads off of the Orchard loop trail) where you can enjoy wonderful views all around (a 360 degree view with each side offering up a different scene) and in the shade of a grove of trees (note to myself, need to check next time what these trees are). When we went up there, it was obvious no one had been up there at least for some time and we surprised a huge flock of birds sitting under and on the trees. The sight and sounds of them when we surprised them was awesome. Many of the trails themselves look beautiful – moss covered and reminiscent of an English countryside. 

Stevens Creek Reservoir
I myself do not care for the wines but love the coziness, the ambiance, and the friendly atmosphere in the tasting room and walk in and spend a few minutes just to take that in. To get more information on the place, you can check out their website at: http://www.picchetti.com/

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