Fun Fridays – Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3As a child reading Enid Blyton, I always hoped I could watch my toys come alive and I even wrote stories about what they would do. Then finally, when I was grown up, Toy Story brought it all to ‘life’ perfectly. This trilogy is one that got better with each new movie released. While the first two movies focused on friendship, loyalty, ‘Toy Story 3’ talks about growing up – literally.
As Andy prepares to leave for college, the toys by a series of mistakes, end up at Sunnyside day care center. The toys are all at first happy to be there as they look forward to years of being loved by kids. Woody is the only one who wants to find a way to go back to Andy’s house as he believes this was a mistake. Soon, the toys discover the dark side of Sunnyside which is ruled by a cunningly warm-looking, strawberry-smelling bear called Lotso. Will they be able to get back to Andy? And what will Andy do with them if they do? All these form the rest of the movie and more delightful characters (Ken for instance) are introduced while the old characters from the previous movies return to delight you once more. The movie may be animated but the emotions in it are very real and pack a punch.
We watched it at the theaters and also again now on DVD twice in a row – so, result, a must-have movie (actually, the trilogy itself).

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