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FunTime: Move Like Me 10 Days in the USA

Are you ready for funtime and travel in the summer yet? I know I am! Though I am not sure about the next few days for doing anything outside with the heat wave here. But I am pretty sure we will end up doing something since it is the July 4th week and there are many outdoor activities and events happening everywhere.

Regardless of whether you are spending time outdoors or inside, you can have fun with these two board games featured here today. So read on to find out about the funtimes we had with them recently (and will continue to in the future).

This post contains Amazon and other affiliate links, that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. Thank you for your support. Please see the full disclosure for more information. I only recommend products I definitely would (or have already) use myself. Thank you to Tryazon and The Op Games for gifting me this product to try out.

Funtime With Dance(?) Moves and Travel Too

Have any of you watched those really fun team building game videos where people line up and play a game of telephone charades? You know, the one where a person at one end of the line acts out something only for the next person in the line, who in turn acts out for the next person? Finally, the person at the other end of the line attempts to act out and guess what the original clue was.

This first game is kind of like that but with twists and turns and challenges its own!

Move Like Me


  • Recommended Age: 8+
  • Time: 10+ minutes
  • Number of Players: 4+
  • Perfect for large group gatherings
  • Designed by an all-female design team.
  • Hilarious game to take videos of for social media!


Move Like Me will get you movin’ and groovin’ – so dust off those dance shoes! How are your Hammer Hands? Lemme see you Floss. No idea what that means? Great! Move Like Me is a group game sure to get everyone moving and laughing. It’s like the telephone game, but with movement, and it can be even more fun when it goes wrong!

How to Play

Players line up and the person at any one end of the line chooses to be the first “MoveMaster.” They pick up one yellow card and one each of the pink cards from the two separated halves of the deck, and place it on the slots such that only they can see the cards.

The “MoveMaster” then can act out the cards to the next player in the line in whatever way they choose to. The others in the line cannot see what is happening at this time as they face the opposite direction. The next player then reenacts the same to the player ahead of them and so on until the last player now has to reenact it, and maybe as an added challenge, try to guess what the cards were!

Now the last player moves to the start of the line to become the next “MoveMaster!”

The Components

  • 150 Cards (to be used in 3 sets of 50 cards each)
  • The game box comes with a place holder/slots for the cards for playtime/funtime
  • Rules booklet

The Concept

Well, the concept is pure hilarious fun! And how well you can remember what someone just conveyed to me, how much attention you pay to others, and how well you can relay that information – all wordlessly – to others!

Our Attempt to Play

I played this with friends visiting me and it had us stopping many times as we LOLed at our attempts! While I did not take any pics or videos at this time since we were playing for the pure fun of it, I assure you that these videos would have anyone LOL (and cringe-worthy for us, the participants!).

For now, just imagine me wiggling like a worm while moving like a robot at the same time trying to dance to the Y.M.C.A.!

Needless to say, I will be using this game for many gatherings going forward – it works for all ages, from the very youngest to the oldest…

The more the merrier is true for this game.

In Summary

Like I just mentioned, this game will make an appearance often in our future. I also love how compact it is, making it super portable. And you can even choose to just take the cards along with you if you wish.

As for you, I highly recommend the game and recommend that you make a move to get the game now!!

10 Days in the USA


  • Recommended Age: 8+
  • Number of Players: 2-4
  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Designed by Alan Moon – Designer of Ticket to Ride
  • Family Road Trip Board Game for everyone across the board!

Note that this is the second edition of this cool game. You can purchase/look at the first edition here.


You have 10 Days in the USA. Travel the country by jet, car, and on foot. Plan your trip from start to finish using destination and transportation cards. With a little luck and clever planning, you just might outwit your fellow travelers.

How to Play

In short, players compete against each other to finish a valid 10 day trip (per the rules of this game) across the US.

To start with, each player takes turns filling up their card holders with cards. They can put the cards they pick from the main (face-down)pile on any day slot on their card holder. But note that once you put it down, you cannot reorder the cards. You can only replace them during the course of the game.

Players then take turns either picking a card from the main pile or any one of the discard piles (where cards are face-up) to replace a card on their holder, if they need to. If they pick a card from the main pile and decide they don’t need it, they can put it face up on any of the discard piles. If they choose to use it to replace one of their own cards, they can then put their old card on any of the discard piles.

And so one, until a player finishes their 10 day trip successfully. You can choose to continue to play until all (but one?) players have a valid itinerary.


Here are the rules in brief:

  • The journey requires a state card in the first and last state
  • You can walk, drive, or fly to travel between states.
    • Walking is only allowed between states that share borders (note that corners don’t count)
    • Driving is only allowed between states where both states have another state they both share borders with.
    • You can fly between two states with matching border colors (the exception being Alaska and Hawaii which aren’t part of the lower 48 and share no borders with other states). The plane color must match the state you are flying from/to though.
  • You cannot reorder the cards in your card holder, only replace them during the game.

You can also check out this video below on how to play the game.

The Components

  • 1 Game Board
  • 1 Card Tray
  • 50 state cards
  • 16 transportation cards
  • Card holders
  • Travel guide (rules!)

The cards are tinier than expected but well made and cute. The board is sturdy and beautiful. And the card holders/tray just right.

The Concept

I love the concept of this game, which is fun teamed up with strategy and planning along with learning geography. It allows us to virtually (via the game, i mean, not a screen) and interactively explore the US and also help us in getting better at strategy and planning.

Though in reality we would not ever walk from state to state to travel, unless we lived in towns and cities that cross state borders! And yes, there are a few like that, which I rediscovered as a result of playing (trying to play) this game. You want to know some of them? Sure, there is Bluefield (WV and VA), Bristol (Virginia And Tennessee), Texarkana (Arkansas And Texas), Texhoma (Oklahoma And Texas), and Union City (Indiana And Ohio).

Our Attempt to Play

I played this with my family over the weekend (and it was a stay-indoors kind of weekend anyways with the, looks like the temperatures will continue to rise in the next few days).

As noted in the how-to-play video, setup was quick and each of us selected our cards for the 10 day journey soon enough. And we had our discard piles ready to get started.

Not knowing which card we might end up with next, or hoping no other player picks up that face-up card from the discard pile which will help your journey adds an element of anticipation and adventure to this board game. Plus, this also means we need to strategize and put cards in our card holders with some thought from the very beginning.

starting round 2 today between my daughter and me!

I love planning trips and working out the best routes anytime we step out, even for a shopping trip, so I definitely enjoyed this game! A bonus for me: I won the very first time (I get crazy competitive when I start playing games like these for some reason, else I am calm and collected)

If you want to take it along with you on your road trip, you could easily do so. And you can just take a pic of the actual board for reference to save space or not have to open up the board while playing (but it is useful when we are geographically challenged, like with states in the northeast for me).

I also realized that we can play in teams if we have bigger groups of people (up to 4 teams of any number of players you can manage to play together with!). But planning is sure to take way longer and thus spend more time playing this way, and still loads of fun and learning and strategizing.

In Summary

A fun game that challenges while letting us simply enjoy as well. I definitely learned a lot as I played with my family. And my older kids (at 18 and 21) loved it too. This is simple enough to learn for younger players while the strategy and planning aspect invites and engages older players effortlessly.

About Tryazon and The Op


To learn more about Tryazon, check out this video below

The Op

(from their website here)

Based in Southern California, they had their start as a simple business idea that caught fire. Fueled by the fortitude of a dedicated team that put their heart and soul into every custom Monopoly game with a twist. Through the years, they expanded their portfolio to include other licensed favorites like Clue, Munchkin, Trivial Pursuit, Codenames and more. Today, the company has expanded even further to include original family, party, hobby games, and puzzles to became one of the most diverse game publishers around. They are committed to uphold their reputation for quality and authenticity through unique and immersive experiences that they hope will turn moments into memories

Move Like Me: available to purchase at The Op Games, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.
10 Days in the USA: available to purchase at The Op Games and Amazon

Check out this post for other fun games from The Op Games (Hues and Cues / Venn)

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And Now, the End of the Post

Dear reader, do you play board games often? What is your favorite? Have you heard of or played any of these featured games from the Op?

Which one would you pick for yourself or as a gift for someone? Do let me know.

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  1. I do love board games! And those sound like fun games for a family to play. My favorite board game is Encore, which is a singing game. You move across the board, land on a spot and grab a card that says “sing a song with a number in the title.” And then I start singing “Love Potion #9.” With my family, though, we all sang all the songs, no matter whose turn it was. So basically everyone took a turn with each card, just for fun. Good times! 🙂

  2. Alas, I do not like any kind of games! I guess I’m a party pooper. We are having a cool wave instead of heat wave. Ah, the sun just came out. Maybe there’s hope for summer.

  3. These games sound really fun but I can totally see my family and I playing Move Like Me during gatherings! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sounds exciting! Even with the heat wave, it’s great to have board games for fun indoors. Can’t wait to hear more about them!

  5. The combination of dance moves would be LOL cringe and a WHOLE lot of fun. This actually sounds perfect for when my friends come over.

  6. The dance game is really amazing. It is interactive and fun to watch especially when you don’t want to participate on it.

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