G is for Grandparents

Over at dVerse Poets Pub, the poetics prompt earlier this week was ‘privilege’. This is a pretty frequent topic of discussion in our household. Everyday, we hear or read something that spurs this discussion on.

What is privilege? And the hows and whys of it as well. And I am glad that our kids do recognize that we do have privileges that so many people around the world unfortunately do not have (sometimes because of where they are and at others because of who they are, among a host of other reasons that should not exist).

Why do I say I am glad for that? So they use that recognition and whine less when they hear a no from me for something they want! But jokes apart, it is true and recognizing what each of us has and doesn’t helps us in working towards making our lives and those of others around us better each and every day.

But today I am not talking about ‘privilege’ in that scenario. Mine is much simpler, and sweeter. It is the warm, wonderful, sweet privilege of having grandparents who dote on you, grandparents to dote on (and I truly wish I had done more of that).

I consider myself privileged to have grown up knowing and spending lots of time with both sets of grandparents. My maternal grandmom was part of my kids’ lives as well and she passed away last year.

I am glad that my kids have had that privilege as well. While we have bid a sad farewell to both of their grandfathers, their grandmoms continue to cherish and spoil them! And that is wonderful indeed..

From L to R, top to bottom
My in-laws with my kids, my parents with my kids
My paternal grandparents posing with our golu
My maternal grandparents on their wedding day

To grandparents, (mine and my kids’)
to sweet privileges that span across ages
to stories of yore from their memory-store
to stories of youth, some fiction some truth
to love to bask in, to cherishing and spoiling
to memories to treasure, forever and ever
– Vidya Tiru

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17 thoughts on “G is for Grandparents

    1. thanks Melody, privilege is one of those words that can be wonderful or not, based on how it is used
      i now have memories of my grandparents – wonderful ones – to last a lifetime and love that my kids have and are making similar memories too

  1. This article brought back my childhood memories of myself, where I lived in a joint family until imy higher schooling. The families nowadays do lack this bond. I wish people do recognise the bond and value our extended family. Because joint family is precious and priceless..

    1. thanks Vimal. While I did not grow up in a joint family throughout my childhood, both sets of grandparents spent many months over the years with us and that was truly a wonderful time and it is great you have such beautiful priceless memories too.

  2. That’s my grandma Green in some recent ABCW post of mine. She died in 1964. Her husband died c 1980
    My granma Williams died in 1982, but her husband died in the mid-1950s and I have no recollection of him.

  3. I was lucky enough to meet 3 of my grandparents, one of them died before I was born, one when I was 4 and then I got to share most of my life with my grandmothers with them only dying when I was 20 and 22. I love them very much and think about them every day!

  4. OMG ! I miss my childhood days I’ am very close to my Grand mom but she’s died when I was 10 years old it’s been 15 years already :(( but I still I miss her so much

  5. I remember my grandfather back then, because of this blog. He was so protective even if you’ll only see him reading newspaper all the time.

  6. Your poem brought tears to my eyes. I had the privilege of knowing my maternal grandfather for the first five years of my life and many happy memories of Saturday mornings with him, watching him make egg-in-a-hole toast for us grandkids. My mother loved her grandchildren and once told me in week two of her visit to me that she was ready to go home because she missed my nephew too much 🙂

  7. You’re right! I also feel so lucky to having spent time with my grandparents; they told me more of our oldr traditions and taught me how to be dilligent, especially around the house.

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