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Sunday Scribblings #5: Where I Wonder Where Exactly Does Time Fly To?

So I was hoping to scribble something every Sunday and post it here on my blog as Sunday Scribblings #whatever and well, by that estimate, this should have been #7. I wonder what happened :)?

I had a couple of reviews I promised in that long-ago post and they are all definitely coming soon (in the next couple posts over the next couple of days!). They are for short stories I read and need to post about, for the lyrical ‘In Paris With You’, and for a few other children’s reads too.

And I wonder when my Sunday moved into Monday 🙂 Time flies, indeed, and how it does! So I leave you for now with my wondering where time flies to..

Where Does Time Fly To?
Do you know where that lost moment has traveled to?
Do you know the journey’s-end for those hours that just flew?
I wonder where those days I am looking for are tourists in,
Maybe with all those seconds that kept disappearing?
I guess Grand Old Time has many vacation spots
super-popular among all these time slots.
They are all there in that someplace
(those seconds, minutes, hours, days, and years) –
Swapping stories, nay, telling tales
Of how I lost them, those slippery dears!
Don’t they know they have magical wings
That help them fly faster than lightning.
Now my plan is to ensure
I can find the right lure
So time does not flee
nor get lost endlessly..
– Vidya Tiru

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