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Great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: A Baker’s Dozen

From the usual to the unique, I bring you a baker’s dozen worth of Valentine’s Day gift ideas today, something for everyone in your list. Whether you celebrate this holiday or not, this gift list is sure to help you for this or other occasions throughout the year.

Note: check the link above (baker’s dozen) for more on what it means and a baker’s dozen of other stuff.

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A Baker’s Dozen of Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Perfumes and Such

(1 and 2)

Toys and Games

(3, 4, and 5)

  • Puzzles
    • FOLDOLOGY – The Origami Puzzle Game! This one is so very cool and sure to delight loved ones of all ages. If you want, you can get the Combo Pack which offers more to challenge and enjoy. Its compact size makes it ideal for travel and its concept makes it a unique gift for anytime of the year, and for anyone at all. With different difficulty levels, it can keep families occupied for hours! I love that it can be paried with other items, like STEM books, or multicultural books, and offers both relaxation and work for the brain at the same time!
    • These stunningly beautiful wooden puzzles from ZenChalet offer hours of enjoyment and will result in a piece of art you can display as well in the end! Also, they have a promotion on at this time (from 5% to 15% based on how many puzzles you are buying)
      • The Tree of Life is the one that I hope to work on soon. It is a 1000 piece puzzle so I am thinking I will need to set time aside for it 🙂
      • If you are looking for something with fewer pieces, then I recommend the 200 piece puzzles like this Guitar shaped one for music lovers (also available, a drum set) or these sea animals (an octopus and a sea turtle among them)
      • Or if you need something in between, then these meditative puzzles (including the Yin Yang, a Yoga Pose, and the Hamsa) might be what you will love
  • Games
    • This deck of Conversation Cards for Kids makes an ideal gift for family nights. With tons of questions, this is sure to spark fun conversations that will bring everyone together. Its portable size makes it perfect for taking along on road trips as well. Check out their other sets as well, including ones for


(6, 7, & 8 )

100 Things I Love About …. Journals

Book Vases from Steel Mill & Co. These ceramic vases are vibrant and feature artwork inspired by beloved titles. They can function as vases or a place to store writing instruments too! And they are sure to instantly dress up any space.

(Image from the Steelmill company)

And I am loving these Custom Mini Bookish Items! For those of you who want it ready for you, here are a few options, and for those who want to DIY it (like I plan to), there is a ton of other options available.

The Etcs

(9 thru 13 to complete the baker’s dozen)

  • I am loving this Gochujang Sriracha sauce from Bushwick. We have used it with hakka noodles, veggies, and tofu; as a dipping sauce with fries and spring rolls; and even on pizza and toast!! This is perfect for the foodie in your life!
  • Last, but not the least, a handmade card and anything else handmade to accompany any and all of the other gifts (made by you!)

And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, hope you found something cool and different to gift a loved one this Valentine’s Day (or for any other occasion) and maybe for yourself too! Do let me know the coolest gift you have received recently!

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image of heart on a whimsical landscape pictured on the pages of an open book and title says  13 Great Valentine's Day Gift ideas

16 thoughts on “Great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: A Baker’s Dozen

  1. Vidya, the book vases and the beautifully shaped puzzles captured me! I seldom use fragrances, but some essential oils serve the purpose without aggravating nearby allergies. Thanks for a powerful list of thrilling ideas!

  2. he idea of gifting a set of such beautifully crafted fragrances is both classic and thoughtful. And your suggestion about the solid perfumes in a hand-carved soapstone jar is so unique – definitely going to consider it for a special someone!

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