Hello, from the future..

Over at dVerse Poetics, we are writing letters from the future. This also ties in with ABC Wednesday‘s letter of the week – F – for the future (not so distant one, since I am the one writing this imagined letter in the future)
This Sunday’s Pearls Before Swine comic was also something related – you can see that comic here.

Hello, from the future..
Dear me, today I recalled a memory –

Feeling delightful, and fearful of a future unknown

I buried this time capsule for older-me

On a day that now seems long gone.

With my faithful pen, I sit down to write

As your(my?) grand kids play outside;

For now, I let the capsule be –

Be someone else’s discovery.

Dystopian it is not

nor a green paradise

nor is it a scene from the Jetsons yet

(The trip to Mars – yes, did succeed!

A story for another day, it is)

But know that we did right

Going green and all that

Certainly made our future bright;

Food forests are the theme of the day

and we still have flowers in May,

While CDs and desktops

Are a thing of the past,

The future, well,

I am having a blast!

17 thoughts on “Hello, from the future..

  1. hopefully that message catches on…i would hate for my grand kids to not see trees
    a food forest def sounds intriguing……sounds like it is going good…

    welcome back again — if you link in, do find time to read at least those that have read you,
    just like your side bar says — we all appreciate comments

    1. thank you Brian and I really hope so too..I still recall reading a story in a children's magazine years ago titled – 'Grandpa, what is a tree?' (chilling indeed)..
      and a sincere thank you for the push to comment – i really needed it – i read but i pause, wondering how and what to comment on other's posts and then think to myself, i will get back to it later with a meaningful comment and then…….
      so dropping in on the dVerse family soon:)

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