The Corner of Hope and Strength

For dVerse
Reading Brian’s and Claudia’s poems and trying to pick one of them was like trying to pick between Thin Mints and Samoas (for
those of you outside the US, these are Girl Scout Cookie flavors – the
most popular ones, and my personal favorites too!). It is cookie season
currently and with my little girl scout busy selling cookies,  reading
the word ‘mint’ in both their poems brought this back to the forefront
for me and this was the result!

The Corner of Hope and Strength
The little girls stood
at the corner of hope
and strength;
their sweet voices trilled
“Cookies for you?,”
as passersby passed by.

The young man in blue
Deep in the land of despair
After a luckless day
He walked by
Past the corner of hope
And strength

A little voice called after him
“Cookies for you?”

Sweet memories rushed
Trailing after big sis
seated in the red wagon –
“Why not refresh
my senses
with a piece of minty chocolate?”

A box of Thin Mints,
Refreshed hope, renewed strength,
Two happy girls saying
“have a good day”
“you too”

11 thoughts on “The Corner of Hope and Strength

  1. I love the 'corner of hope and strength' – and the sweet onslaught of childhood memories (oh, yes, the smell of cookies).
    But… I'll be wondering forevermore now: just what falvour is samoas?

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