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Jazz with the Jetsons Joyfully and Just One Line More!!

Thinking about the Jetsons has me singing just that one line from the theme song on a loop… And I am annoying myself but can’t seem to stop, so maybe time to listen to some jazz or some favorite Bollywood songs! But then the Jetsons are here to stay …

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The Jetsons Future is Now!

As of today, George Jetson is barely two years old (he was born July 31, 2022)! While Jane Jetson is yet to be born (later this year actually, in Sept 2024). But the future they featured in the show is kind of here, at least some of it. While we don’t live in space or have jetpacks, we do have many things that the show predicted actively in use today. Here are the examples of why I think the Jetsons future is now!

Video Calling

The show often featured the characters communicating via video screens, something that was quite futuristic at the time. Today, video calling is a commonplace technology with applications like Skype, FaceTime, and Zoom. We also have separate video calling devices (for those who might want it).


Rosie the robot maid was a central character in “The Jetsons” household. While we don’t have humanoid robots quite like Rosie yet, robotics technology has advanced significantly, with robots performing tasks in industries like manufacturing, healthcare, and robotic vacuum cleaners for our homes.

Automation in the Home

“The Jetsons” showcased a home filled with automated devices and appliances that could perform various tasks with the push of a button or a voice command. Today, smart home technology allows for similar automation, controlling everything from lights and thermostats to security systems and kitchen appliances using smartphone apps or voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Personal Mobility

The show featured flying cars and moving sidewalks, reflecting a vision of personal transportation in the future. While flying cars are not yet a reality for everyday use, many advancements are bringing us closer to this vision. Like

  • electric vehicles
  • self-driving technology
  • and concepts like vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft.

Plus, there have been moving sidewalks for a while now. Pre-Jetsons era too and of course, we do see them in airports and other places. Also a few cities do have some moving sidewalks.

3D Printing

Jane 3D-prints the food they want to eat! This concept of creating objects on demand is here now. And while we are not yet printing food in our homes, 3D-printing technology allows us to create a wide range of objects. These include:

  • prototypes and customized products
  • medical implants
  • and even food (yes)

These are just a few examples of how “The Jetsons” anticipated technological advancements that have become a reality in today’s world, demonstrating the show’s enduring influence on our visions of the future.

The J Book the Jetsons and Everyone Else Will Love!


Jazz by Walter Dean Myers and illustrated by Christopher Myers (Teen & Young Adult Music Fiction)

Description: Fifteen poems, infused with the rhythm and wordplay of jazz music, are paired with bold, stylized illustrations of performers and dancers to convey the history and breadth of this unique musical style.

Judgements: Just jazzily jubilant!!!

Just One Line or More (About the Jetsons? Maybe!)

NaPoWriMo’s Day Eleven prompt is to write either a monostich, which is a one-line poem, or a poem made up of one-liner style jokes/sentiments

Juggling a jumble of juxtaposition-ed self-judgmental thoughts, untangled by understanding that empathy brought.

Jazzy Bollywood Songs and Just One Name

The name: Jyothi – meaning light.

And the song(s): keeping in theme with the jazz spirit, here are few jazzy bollywood numbers (titles starting with the letter J)

Jab bhi Cigarette’ from the movie No Smoking

Jata Kahan Hai Diwane from the classic movie CID

And the song titled Julia from Aye Watan Mere Watan

And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, do let me know if you have read any of the books listed today? Which book would you pick first? Will you attempt a poem today? Do share any book recommendations, poetry you loved or wrote, and of course, all and any thoughts on this post.

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11 thoughts on “Jazz with the Jetsons Joyfully and Just One Line More!!

  1. I remember watching The Jetsons. It was such a fabulous show! Now I have the theme song in my head “Meet George Jetson..”

  2. This is too funny and I love The Jetsons when I was a kid. I cannot believe the chanrcetsr were just born in 2024 or later in the year….totally crazy as it was so space techy and I could not imagine as a kid for things to be that way. This is such a fun post and I am going to look for the Jetsons to watch!

  3. The parallels between our present and “The Jetsons” are indeed quite neat. The show’s predictions of futuristic technology are strikingly similar to many of the innovations we have today. It’s fascinating to see how our reality is catching up to the imagined future depicted in the show.

  4. I think the roombas are as close to Rosie as we are going to get in our lifetime. I haven’t seen the Jetsons in so long. Thank you for the fun reminder of a great childhood show.

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