Joining Bloggiesta (one more attempt at getting better!)

Though I have been blogging for sometime now, it has not been consistent (to say the least). But I believe in ‘Try, try, and try again, and you will succeed’. So I keep trying to get into the habit of blogging regularly. One of my blogger friends who pops in every now and then to comment on even my infrequent posts has a recent post for Bloggiesta.
I am inspired and I am planning to join Bloggiesta and hope to be an active participant this year. But keeping in mind my blogging habits for the past year(s), I will keep my Bloggiesta goals a little more realistic this time.
Here is my master to do list:
1. Take part in at least two mini-challenges(if I end doing more, great!)
2. Catch up on my NetGalley/Edelweiss reviews – complete at least four overdue ones (half-written with notes all over the place)
3. Work on one of my ‘pardon the dust’ pages
4. Update my Reading Challenges page – I joined so many but then did not ever link back (I know) so in a better-late-than-never fashion, I plan to at least pick one challenge and update it.

9 thoughts on “Joining Bloggiesta (one more attempt at getting better!)

    1. Same here, Kim.. I always plan that way and then I look at the challenges and think, this sounds so good (so the best way to avoid this might be not to look at the challenges next year so I am not tempted)

  1. Great list! Short and sweet and definitely achievable! I hope you were able to get lots of them done, and don't worry too much about blogging consistently. Many of us have a hard time staying consistent and almost all of us have to take breaks every once in a while. Just do what you can when you can, and remember, it's a fun hobby!

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