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The Sunday newspaper is one thing we all look forward to. For one, we just get the newspaper delivered on Sundays as weekday mornings are normally a rush-to-wherever-times and evenings are filled with classes, homework, and family times. So the doorstep is particularly attractive on Sundays – the newspaper makes it so. It is a race to see who gets it first – whoever does reach it wins a prize – they can pick the section they want to read (generally the kids and me too – fight over the comic section!).

And today’s newspaper had one piece of news that made me feel good – one more permanent hazardous waste collection center in our area. The existing ones are open only one weekend a month and the alternatives to that are to wait for the collection days in our area. Now people have one more option – this new center is open two days every week (though we still need an appointment to drop off and if you are a Santa Clara county resident, you can request for an appointment here for this new center). Now I need to go collect the paints and the batteries that dried up and are around the house.

I certainly look for news that make my day each day. This was one piece in the newspaper that did today.

Yesterday was #RoaldDahlDay! He is definitely one of my favorite authors – one whom I discovered as an adult. The first book that I read of his was one of his for adults and I did not realize he wrote for children until I arrived in the US! The first read was magical though – ‘The Wonderful World of Henry Sugar and Six More‘ and was a gift from a friend who knew my love for reading. Thank you!
Now, I have read enjoyed many more of Dahl’s creations along with my little ones and each one is a treasure.


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