Magic Monday – Magic of Many Challenges and Terrific Tuesday

Another year is almost over and in sometime people across the globe will be ringing in a new year.  And as  I sign up for challenges, make resolutions(another post), come up with lists, I ponder over the year gone past. This year has, like every other year, had its’ ups and downs. I choose to remember the wonderful moments it has given us and treasure them for what they are – memories that will bring a smile to my lips and to my heart years from now when they pop into my head!

For My Monday Musings post, I think – as I put in my challenges post – I think I love reading challenges just for the fun of them. Having them there pushes me to read and even if I do not meet them in the truest sense – read, review, post, and link back – I at least do one or two of these four steps for most of the books. The end result – I have read books I never expected to – and in the process discover new treasures and worlds.

My Top Ten Post for The Broke and the Bookish this week – top ten books for this year. Though I enjoyed way more than 10 books this year, I picked books across genres and time that I completed this year and loved.

  1. The
    Night Circus 
    – This was a treasure to discover. I am definitely going
    to read more books by Erin whenever she writes them! 
  2. Pride
    and Prejudice
    –This book was on my TBR for as long as I can remember. Years
    ago, I kept it aside at page 33 (many times actually) and not because I did not
    like it, but it just happened. Now, I finally finished reading it this year.
  3. World
    on a String
    – delightful children’s picture book!
  4. Anna and the French Kiss – I finally read this book, yet to review here
    but really enjoyed it.
  5. Inside Out and Back Again, along with ‘Love
    and Leftovers
    ‘ and ‘Gone
    ‘ – novels in verse that I loved reading.
  6. And
    Then There Were None
    – There is none other than Christie when it comes to
    twists and turns in a story, and what stories she wrote.
  7. Cozy
    – What an idea! And how wonderfully executed in these books for
    the littlest readers. Even a dozen words can tell a story and these books prove
  8. The
    – It is the end of 2013 and I still haven’t gotten around to
    reading ‘The Hunger Games’ but I am glad I read ‘The Testing’.
  9. Chitchat:Celebrating
    the World’s Languages
    – I love celebrating languages and this book does it
    so well that I definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone who loves words.
  10. And so many more

1 thought on “Magic Monday – Magic of Many Challenges and Terrific Tuesday

  1. And Then There were None was amazing. I just read her Christmas one, loved that too, definitely will read more by Agatha Christie. Happy New Year to you.

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