Magic Mondays – Looking for friends and favorite yoga poses

Beautiful illustrations; catchy, tongue-twisting words that are fun to say; a sweet message; and to top it all, something educational too – quick facts about the various creatures featured in the book – this book has it all. A cute story about a frog trying to find out who he is and looking for a friend, someone more like him out in the world. The kids love reading the ever growing name as the frog tries to discover himself and the facts they learn.
From the author’s website: Hilarious tale about a very confused frog with an identity problem who finally concludes it must be a ‘Babylizzyparroturtlehoppameleon’ but would swap all of its names for just one friend.
The ABCs of Yoga for Kids – My daughter goes through the Yoga poses in this book from a to Z each time she opens it. She enjoys it and loves that there are pictures she can use to try out the poses all by herself. The whimsical illustrations are accompanied by cute poems describing the poses. My daughter’s favorite pose is definitely the flower while my son’s is the dog pose. I love that the book promotes healthy activity in kids in a fun and friendly way and also is a fun family activity.
My favorite pose – the “Do Nothing” Pose!

Both these books go toward the Read to me Picture Book challenge

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