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Magic Mondays – The Magic of Amar Chitra Katha

The season being what it is – festive (with Navratri just gone past and the lights of Diwali flickering ahead) – I thought this would be an apt review now.
Today, I am reviewing Amar Chitra Katha’s Dasha Avatar (specifically this title) towards there’s a book picture book reading challenge. This book has been read by me numerous times and read to my kids. ‘Amar Chitra Katha’ (ACK) literally means ‘Immortal Picture Stories’.
Children in India grow up reading ACK comics and learn to love India in its many forms through this wonderful medium – Indian culture, the rich history, the well-known and the unsung heroes and heroines of past and present, kings and the common man, the veritable pantheon of gods and goddesses, myths and fables and much much more. The panels of richly portrayed through the panels of the ACK comics and so it was that I first read the story of Jesus Christ
My copy of the ACK Dasha Avatar makes an entrance to my living room without fail on the
day I keep my golu every year. Even though I have the sequence of the Avatars somewhere in my brain, I just need reconfirmation and there comes Dasha Avatar to my rescue.
ACK’s Dasha Avatar – with its crisp storytelling; simple, clear, and correct language; beautiful and colorful illustrations – narrates the story of the ten (Dasha) incarnations (Avatar) of Vishnu in the best way kids can
understand, enjoy and learn at the same time. The sequence of the avatars is very reminiscent of evolution theories (Matsya (fish), Kurma(tortoise), Varaha(boar), Narasimha(man-lion), Vamana(dwarf) and so on).
Chances are, if you grew up in India, you have read quite a few ACK’s including this one. Else if you have to yet discover the magic of ACK and discover India in a unique way in your home, pick up an ACK (now you have
these on the eApps too – iPad, iPhone and others!)
This goes towards the Read-To-me Picture Book challenge – I guess the first Amar Chitra Katha ever there!

A photo of the Dasha Avatar display at my home in the Navratri Golu (display of dolls)

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